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Season 2 of The Lake is renewed via Prime Video

The second season of Netflix’s “Lake” has been renewed for a third installment, according to Deadline. The renewal comes just days after the first season premiered on Netflix on June 15th, and has averaged around 1.1 million viewers per episode so far. “Lake” is an American anthology television series that follows several different stories set in different decades in the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, which is based on humorist Garrison Keillor’s hometown of Afton Wyoming. The show is created by creator/producer Michelle Monaghan and co-creator Robert Bales.

The first season of the anthology series followed four main characters: Will Martin (played by Wyatt Russell), a paramedic working in Lake Wobegon; his brother, Henry Martin (played by Jay Paulson), an FBI agent in the town; Dana Thompson (played by Madeline Carroll), a 12-year-old aspiring author who is being bullied at school; and Barry Speck (played by Richard Schiff), Barry is a college professor with dementia. Season 1 introduced viewers to several familiar faces from “Prairie,” Keillor’s radio show. Frances Conroy, who portrayed the mother on “Prairie,” portrays Sally Gunderson on “Lake.

Introduction to The Lake Season 2

The Lake is a hit television show, created by the mastermind Durar Yetmir and produced by Ertunga Films. It’s the story of a young man trying to find his place in modern Europe, only to stumble upon a strange lake deep in the Swiss Alps — one that inexplicably spits him and his friends out onto dry land as if they’d been killed on impact. Many of you are probably wondering why it took so long for this second season to come about. The answer?

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We didn’t want to repeat ourselves. No, not just in the sense that the first season was a runaway hit. We made that one to test the waters. When we realized what a juggernaut we had created with its debut, we realized that not every show should try that hard — and great shows don’t have to. The original The Lake was created as a speculative piece, meant to take its audience down a path of questioning where they could end up ‘mysteriously’ transported in the middle of nowhere where they must battle against murky forces and nature itself (dumbed-down here rather than there). It’s no surprise then that it had such an amazing critical and fan response; it worked on many levels, at many levels.


Names of the characters in The Lake Season 2

Opal Lin
Victor Lin
Drew Van Acker

The storyline of The Lake Season 2

The first season of the TV show “The Lake” ended with many questions unresolved. Elena knew her location but not her purpose, and also that she was waiting for someone. The person who saved Elena from the lake was a nameless figure in a red coat. She had left behind a mysterious journal and new papers to complete The Lake Riddle, which Isabelle’s daughter Grace seems to have taken up as her quest. Season two starts six months later in early September when we find out that Grace has finally solved the riddle and done it with help from Patrick Crane, who is revealed to be Katherine Crane’s son (and Grace’s half-brother).

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Season 2 of “The Lake” has been ordered by Prime Video as Canadian production gets underway

In a welcome surprise to fans of the Emmy-award-winning series, Prime Video has announced the renewal of “The Lake” for its second season. The announcement comes after production had been put on hold in December following sexual harassment allegations against co-creator and producer, Mina Lefevre. But Prime Video isn’t exactly going back to square one; they’ve already started production with filming in Canada. What was originally scheduled as a ten-episode season looks to be only six episodes now, which is still ahead of the original release date at some point this year.

So, what do you think about The Lake Season 2?


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