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Review of “Persuasion”: The Past Intrudes Into the Present

Few series on television, if any, are as compelling and involving as Fargo. The show’s second season is based largely around the “true crime” of Rye Gerhardt, a man who killed his wife after he caught her in bed with another man and then tried to cover it up. He is nabbed by the police and then killed by his father and brother, with Sheriff Hank Larsson (played by Ted Danson) looking the other way, mostly out of laziness. This leads to the Gerhardt crime family breaking apart. The season continues to follow the aftermath of Rye’s murder – his mother Floyd (Jean Smart) wants revenge for his death, while her husband Otto, played by Peter Breitmeyer, wants to let it go because he knows their family will not survive such a feud if they engage in one.

Introduction to The Persuasion

It’s a new book by the bestselling author of Fates and Furies, Lauren Groff. The book takes place near the end of World War II through the eyes of 16-year-old Tony Gifford Jr., who has been sent to live with his Uncle Stone in Florida. Along with a few other kids, he becomes part of a wide variety of characters as they struggle to survive in this tumultuous time. There’s an eccentric old woman who runs a boarding house, a movie star, an escaped convict, and the charismatic and confident Captain Jeremiah Thom who used to be an astronaut and is now looking for his brother whom he hasn’t seen since he was nine. The book follows them all as they form relationships, put themselves in danger, and start anew. Groff said she originally began working on this project with the idea of writing about other people in Florida during this period but it turned into something different entirely.

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Names of the characters in The Persuasion

Anne Elliot
Captain Frederick
Sir Walter Elliot
Elizabeth Elliot
Featured on Sparknotes
Charles Musgrove
Louisa Musgrove

The storyline of The Persuasion

The Persuasion series is about a neural network that has become sentient. The humanoids must live in peace with the alien beings and overcome their differences to find a new harmony. I can’t tell you too much more without spoiling major plot points, but the two books so far in the series are “Persuasion”, which is about these three characters and their exploration of this new world, as well as “Revolt” which follows one character’s life after they return to Earth. As of this point, the last book has been published. “Revolt” was released in December 2006, and “Persuasion” is due to be released in February 2008. The two-book series is currently being translated into different languages. The first book has been translated into Chinese (translation completed), and an English translation of the second book is available as well.


Persuasion is a classic failure; how did Netflix so misunderstand Jane Austen?

What is there to say about this disaster? Netflix is a company that made its name by producing an unparalleled selection of films and television series – it’s almost plausible that they’ve never watched the films they’re producing. You need only to have a passing familiarity with Jane Austen’s works to know that this show bears no resemblance whatsoever. The casting, cinematography, costumes, and music are all not just misguided but disastrously off the mark. I’m no stranger to Ms. Austen’s works – I read Pride and Prejudice and Emma when they were first published. That was in the 1970s. I’ve read all of her novels, including those that were not written as a pair, a quartet, or a trilogy. Now, 20 years on (at least), I regard them as her best work – The Watsons: A Family History is another story entirely (although as I write this it is nowhere near finished).

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So, what do you think about The Persuasion?

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