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Trailer for What Josiah Saw Teases Unsettling and Haunting

The official trailer for Josiah Saw has been released and it’s as haunting and unsettling as you would expect from a horror movie that follows a family battling schizophrenia, abusive relationships, and terrifying presences in the woods. Written by David Beamer and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, Josiah Saw stars, Chris J. Johnson, as Josiah Links, who is convinced his deceased father is returning to their home to terrorize his family. Believing he needs to protect his mother (Heidi Dippold) and sister (Ari Cohen), Josiah seeks out the help of a local farmer (David Dastmalchian) and a priest (Ron Butlin).

Introduction to The What Josiah Saw

The What Josiah Saw series is a collection of stories written by producer and sound designer, Josiah Patton. The idea behind the contributions is to inspire people to keep their eyes open to something different happening in their day-to-day lives. The stories are all true – some are just made up from an updated version of the facts given or altered slightly so that they can be a little more interesting or relatable. It is not the intention of the contributors to slander anyone, just to make people think. Hopefully, it will cause people to want to look at the world around them in a different light, step out of their comfort zone and see what is happening all around them, instead of stopping short at their own lives and not seeing things happening in other s.

Names of the characters in The What Josiah Saw

Eli Graham
Mary Milner
Thomas Graham
Josiah Graham
Ross Milner
Mama Luna
Morgana Shaw
Farah White
Mr. Miggs

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The storyline of The What Josiah Saw

What Josiah Saw, a novel written by Tony Robbins and published in 2007, has been challenging readers to think deeply about their own lives. The plot revolves around an unnamed middle-aged man, who wakes up one morning to find himself wearing someone else’s life. The first thoughts the man has are of all of the various things he missed that his life would have had. His first thought was later learned to be a mistake: he failed to go to college. Later found out to be a mistake, the man suffers through the “real life” of Thomas O’Connor. He learns of all the things he missed whilst in his own body. Upon discovering this, Thomas begins taking control of his own life and becoming more successful in his job as an investment broker.


“What Josiah Saw” trailer, a scary movie directed by Robert Patrick

The trailer for a short film about the life of Josiah Smith was released. It quickly became known as ‘”What Josiah Saw”. The movie has captured the hearts and minds of many people. With great reviews, it’s clear that “What Josiah Saw” will be a huge success in theaters. The film centers around the life of Josiah Smith, and it exposes his life to the world. In 1831, Smith had a vision where God told him to found the Church of Latter Day Saints. His story is now going to be told in movie theaters around the world.

“What Josiah Saw” trailer gives us a glimpse into what Smith saw as God revealed himself to him. It is a very dramatic scene, and it makes you feel like you are right there with him on the mountain top when God appears to him. The movie is being directed by Robert Patrick, and he has an impressive resume. This is his first time directing a film of this magnitude though. He hopes to capture the essence of Smith’s life, and he feels that this movie can help people understand who Smith was and what he founded.

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