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Trailer for King of Avalon: Orlando Bloom Takes a Bow

The upcoming fantasy RPG from indie studio Gamepires presents a beautiful, lush world filled with knights, dragons, and magic. This is a game that will take you back to the medieval era where games like Dark Souls and Skyrim thrive. Developer Sam Bishop has provided us with a trailer showcasing some of the new items players can expect to encounter as they rise through the realm of King Arthur’s realm. Let’s take a look at the trailer: On the surface, King of Avalon looks to be a game with elements of magic and dragons. But what caught our attention was that new item showcased in the trailer: The Ancient Sword.

Introduction to The King of Avalon

The King of Avalon is an amazing MMORPG that offers a unique mixture of real-time strategy and tower defense gameplay. The game world is split into two areas: the Temple, where you start when you create your character, and the Wastelands, where enemies roam. The main objective in this game is to build up enough power to destroy the evil forces in the wasteland with magic spells and towers that defend your territory from swarms of endless enemies.

Names of the characters in The King of Avalon

Uther Pendragon

The storyline of The King of Avalon

The King of Avalon is an interesting, funny, and highly creative game. I found it engrossing as soon as I started playing; there’s so much to explore and do. It made me feel like he was my little kingdom with a king that ruled over it. The King of Avalon is a management and simulation game where you’re the king of a small kingdom called Avalon that you have to build up into the most prosperous place in all the land. You have to create and maintain the best army you can because your capital city is constantly under siege by barbarians.


You also have to train up your citizens so they can go fight off the impending attack, and make sure they are happy so they won’t revolt. There are so many things to do in this game it sometimes makes it hard to choose what you want to do first.

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The King’s Gameplay

The King of Avalon is a free online RTS game that you can play as much as you want. This game is set in a medieval realm, where the player has to fight hordes of enemies using towers. The game features three playable modes including Campaign Mode, Endless Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. The Campaign Mode focuses on the player’s effort to stop an evil sorcerer from gaining power and destroying a peaceful land. The player has to fight his way through the wasteland and find different spells and power-ups to defend the land. The Endless Mode is a free-for-all battle where players can win by killing all other players or by collecting power-ups. The Multiplayer Mode is an online mode where players can join in real-time battles with other players.

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