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“Annees Folles” from Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 Review

“Annees Folles” from Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 Review

It’s been a while since I’ve felt as conflicted as when I was watching Westworld Season 4 Episode 3, “Annes Folles.” The episode could best be described as both a stunning achievement and a dismal failure on the part of the showrunners. It’s always great to see Jeffrey Wright take center stage in an episode but this one tested my patience with all of the heavy-handed parallels and seemingly uninteresting side plot that bogged down the hour.

The main focus of the hour, Dolores, spent the majority of the episode in an opium den. After watching her journey from innocent farm girl to bloodthirsty revolutionary. Also, with a few stops at multiple personality disorder along the way it can be easy to forget that she was never programmed Likewise we, to be as intelligent as she is – justice for every human. Similarly, this show was never programmed to be as intelligent or as self-aware. Unfortunately, what I’ve been getting from this season thus far is that she and all of her fellow Hosts are still very much in that “learning how to think” phase, which means a ton of looping back and rehashing.

Introduction to The Westworld Season 4

Westworld is a science fiction western television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO. It was one of the most ambitious series to date, combining the perspective of consumers with the new world order. The show is set in a futuristic theme park populated by human-like hosts. Likewise, se, they are programmed to cater to the desires of paying human guests, Also, who can do whatever they please within the park’s boundaries, without fear of retaliation from any of the hosts.

Names of the characters in The Westworld Season 4

Dolores Abernathy
Bernard Lowe
Maeve Millay
The Man in Black
Clementine Pennyfeather
Caleb Nichols
Dr. Robert Ford
Ashley Stubbs, Stubbs


The storyline of The Westworld Season 4

The storyline of The Westworld season 4 is set after the previous finale which aired in December. Season 3 ended with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) opening a new door. Also, and entering a white space before she was met by her daughter, Juliet. This time around Dolores took off her dress to reveal the same outfit she wore in previous seasons. Similarly, indicating that there might be no passage of time between the end of the third season and this upcoming fourth season.

During the season 4 premiere, we saw Dolores and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in a similar scene with Dolores seated on a horse that he rode. He was also dressed in white. As they moved at a much faster speed, Dolores called out to her daughter. Also, before the scene cut to black and we heard some noisy sound effects (presumably gunshots).

With “Années Folles,” Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 roars into the Roaring Twenties

This week’s episode, “Années Folles,” takes on the Roaring Twenties, a decade that reveled in excess and indulgence. The storyline was inspired by an essay written by Evan S. Connell, who writes about the rampant consumerism of this era and how it influenced the classic novel The Great Gatsby. The showrunners wanted to update the story from Fitzgerald’s day to our current day so that it could more accurately reflect pop culture trends such as social media and reality television. It also features a guest performance by Nick Cave in his final acting role before his death earlier this year.

The episode features a heavy dose of what makes Westworld so interesting: its ability to create complex, three-dimensional characters to who viewers canrelatevely related. They have clear motivations,” series co-creator Jonathan Nolan said.


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