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What Smallville cameo would the showrunner of Superman & Lois like to see on The CW series?

What Smallville cameo would the showrunner of Superman & Lois like to see on The CW series?

Superman and Lois showrunner Bryan Fuller has said that he’d like to see Smallville’s Margot Kidder make an appearance on The CW series. The popular 90s show starred the actress as reporter ‘Margot Lane – and she would be willing to make a cameo appearance on the modern-day version of it. Lavish production values, a lot of fun Easter eggs from the original show, and a very open-door policy for some familiar faces will hopefully help set this up. Margot Kidder’s cameo is something that Fuller wants to do, and he thinks it would be great if they could make it happen.

Introduction to The Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois Lane are one of the most iconic couples in comics, with their relationship spanning decades. A new wax figure exhibition opening at Madame Tussauds London explores the couple’s history through settings such as Clark’s childhood home, famous scenes from the TV series “The Adventures of Superman” and some of the couple’s most touching moments. Curator Vicky Edwards said, “We’re very excited about our new figures of the Man of Steel and his very own Lois Lane. This is the first time that Madame Tussauds has ever had an on-site sculpting team capable of producing four brand-new figures in such a short space of time, and we hope that visitors will be able to see for themselves why we’ve gone to such lengths.

Names of the characters in The Superman & Lois

Emmanuelle Chriqui
Alexander Garfin
Jordan Elsass
Wolé Parks
Jenna Dewan
Inde Navarrette
Rya Kihlstedt
Ian Bohen
Samantha Di Francesco
Stacey Farber
Brendan Fletcher
Angus Macfad

The storyline of The Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois have been married for years. And after all these years, they still have a wonderful relationship. The two of them are one of the most iconic examples of an enduring marriage that has endured so many struggles, yet is still a deeply meaningful bond all these decades later. They’ve gotten older together, they’ve had their share of fights and their share of differences – but through it all, they’ve hand-in-hand faced the world and got on with things as best they could. Each of them had its dark moments, but they’ve always managed to balance each other.


It’s impossible to overestimate the impact that Superman and Lois have had on the world. Their success as a couple has become legendary in comics circles, and it’s hard to think of another more influential couple.

Clark prepares for battle in the last trailer for Superman & Lois season two

In the clip, we see Clark gear up for a showdown with his Kryptonian father, General Zod. It also features a conversation that hints at the possible return of Lois Lane’s iconic pearl necklace. Nia Nal actor, “Kendra Saunders,” revealed the first Season Two trailer via Twitter. The clip shows a bearded Clark Kent in a very familiar pose sitting on top of the Daily Planet building. He’s wearing that same suit with the black piping, reminiscent of the costume Henry Cavill wears in the film “Man of Steel.”

The video is most likely a homage to Superman: The Movie. It features a preview of what’s possibly coming our way this season – battles between good and evil and family drama.

So, what do you think about Superman & Lois?


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