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Review of “Better Call Saul” season 6 episode 8: Exciting, tragic episode results in a large number of casualties

Review of “Better Call Saul” season 6 episode 8: Exciting, tragic episode results in a large number of casualties

This episode is shocking and devastating, one of the most dramatic episodes in the series. This episode only has two more episodes left for it to air this season. Better Call Saul is expected to return for a seventh season next year. The show follows Jimmy McGill from his early days as an honest, idealistic attorney who finds himself quickly corrupted by an unfeeling legal system; then struggling as a sleazy criminal defense attorney whose career bottoms out when he makes one bad choice too many; until finally turning his life around once again when he returns to law school and re-invents himself as the morally upstanding Joe MacMillan’s lawyer by day, Tig mover by night.

Introduction to The Better Call Saul Season 6

And as per usual, there’s so much to talk about. From the first episode and its stunning opening sequence – a well-done callback to the show’s very first scene from season one – where we see Jimmy McGill at his absolute lowest moment, just before he takes on the name of Saul Goodman.

To that memorable final shot: a close-up of Jimmy (or is it Saul now?) taking a nice long sip out of his Waterford crystal tumbler. It was a poetic nod to the show’s past and a hopeful sign of things to come. But it also answered one of the most burning questions left hanging over “Better Call Saul”: How will Jimmy deal with his growing mental illness? [“Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan has said the character is “going to have a nervous breakdown at some point in season five” and that Jimmy is headed for a “finale breakdown”.]

Names of the characters in The Better Call Saul Season 6

Saul Goodman
Kim Wexler
Mike Ehrmantraut
Howard Hamlin
Nacho Varga
Gus Fring
Lalo Salamanca
Chuck McGill
Hector Salamanca
Walter White
Stacey Ehrmantraut
Jesse Pinkman


The sixth season of The Better Call Saul’s narrative

Breaking down a TV series is never an easy task. That’s why we’re going to start from the beginning and work our way through. One of the most popular Netflix original TV series, “The Better Caul Saul” is a prequel to “Breaking Bad,” which revolves around another character named James McGill (a.k.a Saul Goodman). Let’s take a look at what happened in season 6! Season 6 kicks off with Jimmy and Kim living in hiding with their newborn daughter Gene, as they try to keep themselves out of danger after Gus Fring discovers that they caused Hector’s death-and his demise might not be far away, either.

The midseason debut of “Better Call Saul” season six episode eight is the ideal way to promote the series finale

It’s been a long, drawn-out season of Better Call Saul and this episode was no different. In what’s very likely to be the finale, Jimmy spends most of his time at a hermit-like cabin in the woods — only venturing out every few days to make his deliveries. He never called in sick but we’re finally answered when he goes into work on Monday morning, appearing as if nothing has changed since before he left for Oz. When he arrives, Chuck asks him why he’s come back and Jimmy doesn’t respond. Instead, he goes out to make his deliveries.

Chuck seems to be very much aware of Jimmy’s absence and the fact that his brother has gone into hiding for the last three months. He searches through Jimmy’s things, finally settling on a cassette player that does not seem to be working correctly. Chuck plugs it in and plays a tape that ends up revealing more than anything else has this season: Kim confessing her love to Jimmy over an old tape she recorded when they first began dating.

So, what do you think about The Better Call Saul Season 6?


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