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Back to Black: “This Is a Dream” director Sam Taylor-Johnson will helm the biopic of Amy Winehouse

As it turns out, the rumors are true. Sam Taylor-Johnson will be directing a biopic on the life of Amy Winehouse. After much speculation and anticipation, it was finally confirmed by Taylor-Johnson herself. “This is a dream come true,” she said in an interview with BBC Newsbeat. In case you missed the memo, the movie will be titled Back to Black after one of Winehouse’s most popular albums and is scheduled for release in 2018. There have been several different directors who have been attached to this project so far—including powerhouse names like Paul Thomas Anderson and Anton Corbijn—but for now, it seems that Taylor-Johnson is here to stay as director and co-writer of the film.

Introduction to The Back to Black

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Names of the characters in The Back to Black

Samira Wiley
Taryn Manning
Laura Prepon
Natasha Lyonne
Uzo Aduba
Dascha Polan

The storyline of The Back to Black

It is the story of a girl, who falls in love with someone she meets. She is married to a man and when they come to visit her she finds herself attracted to him. It describes an infatuation that turns into an obsession, as well as depression and loneliness. The title references the album Back To Black by English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. The article will be about how the storyline reflects Winehouse’s life and how it related then. In addition, it will also talk about its effect on her family and friends because of how intense the emotions were in this book. However, the article will not be simply a biography. Everyone has their own beliefs about why they are the way they are, and no one knows what is inside the other person’s mind. For instance, if someone looks at their partner as just a friend and nothing else, but then they do something that that person doesn’t like it may cause them to have major issues.


They may even become angry or upset because of how strongly they react. This also happens with music artists as well as actors and actresses. It is also important to realize that everyone’s mind works differently and there is no reason for a person to go through what Amy Winehouse went through just because of how she felt about the man.

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Studiocanal is moving forward with Sam Taylor’s Amy Winehouse biopic “Back to Black.”

A biopic on the tragic singer Amy Winehouse is getting green-lit to move forward with filming, as the project headlined by young ingenue Lady Gaga moves one step closer to production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Studiocanal has entered negotiations with production company Blueprint Pictures and director James Ponsoldt to produce a film about the “Rehab” singer’s life and death.

Both sides are reportedly in final negotiations of a deal that would cover just over $14 million “to fund development, casting, pre-production, and location scouting. No financing has been secured yet, however, with Studiocanal getting in the mix only a few weeks ago.”

So, what do you think about The Back to Black?


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