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The first Paper Girls trailer from Amazon depicts a time-traveling coming-of-age story

The first Paper Girls trailer from Amazon depicts a time-traveling coming-of-age story

The all-new Paper Girls comic series is coming soon to shelves, and the first trailer reveals what you’ve been missing out on in this series. Comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan (known for his work on Saga, and Doctor Strange) teams up with artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) to create a startlingly beautiful coming-of-age story set in mid-1980s suburbia. When four teenage newspaper delivery girls uncover an otherworldly conflict that threatens the very fabric of reality, they must unite to save their town — and eventually the world. The series is set in 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio. A place where paperboys are vanishing and a gang of bike-riding teens appear to be behind it all. As events unfold and things get stranger, the girls’ lives start to intersect with that of four strange men in yellow hazmat suits who you’d expect to see on The X-Files.

Introduction to The Paper Girls

The Paper Girls series is a book about four 12-year-old paper girls named KJ, Erin, Mac, and Tiffany. The girls are still in their infancy when a bad storm comes over their town. They are all then whisked away from their homes to another time. This new time is called the future and by the looks of it, they have traveled far into it. When they get back home to reality again it has become 2040 and everything has drastically changed for them. The girls then meet a boy named Crawford who they all fall in love with and they become huge fans of the popular show that he is a star. The girls then meet many new characters and get into many dangerous situations. All of which will keep you reading until you have finished the books.

The Paper Girls series includes four books: The year the sky fell, The year of lightning bugs, The year of power, and the fourth book is yet to be written. They are all fast-paced, interesting, engaging, and action-packed.

Names of the characters in The Paper Girls

Mac Coyle
Ali Wong
Erin Tieng
Tiffany Culkin


The storyline of The Paper Girls

The Paper Girls series is a modern take on the classic children’s story of “The Little Red Riding Hood”. It speaks to what it means to grow up and navigate the dangerous, but exciting, world as we do. The protagonist in The Paper Girls series is a young girl named Ruby who has left her hometown. First, she leaves for college and then moves across the nation for graduate school. Along the way she learns a lot about herself and the world around her – and that it’s not always what you want or what you expect.

Well-written and ethically appropriate for its intended audience (ages 10+/V), The Paper Girls series is a modern-day children’s story about finding your feet in the world, moving away from home, discovering yourself, falling for someone you shouldn’t, being afraid but still doing the right thing anyway.

The first trailer for Paper Girls flashes back to the future

Traveling through the past, present, and future, Paper Girls is an all-new ongoing series from critically-acclaimed cartoonist Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, WE STAND ON GUARD), artist Cliff Chiang (Jupiter’s Legacy), colorist Matt Wilson (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD) and letterer Jared K. Fletcher !” The year is 1988. On the first day of the 8-grade year, three 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls–KJ, Mac, and Tiffany–have their notebooks filled with crazy stories of mysterious incidents and encounters along their journey. This young adult mystery follows KJ, Mac, and Tiffany as they deliver newspapers in this decidedly modern world…but are these just high school seniors playing dress-up? When their odd encounters with a mysterious organization called The Connection begin to escalate, it’s clear that these kids aren’t making things up…

So, what do you think about The Paper Girls?


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