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Strange New Worlds Ending in Star Trek

Strange New Worlds Ending in Star Trek

It’s been almost a year since the last episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds aired, and fans are still abuzz with what happened at the end. This fan-made short film by Kevin models Captain Pike and his crew venturing into an alternate reality where they learned that it was only their minds who created this strange new world.

At the beginning of the episode, Pike (played by Jon St. John) crash lands on an alien planet after being forced to fire a torpedo at his ship to escape an unknown enemy. He is alone, and we later find out that he also suffers from amnesia.

Suddenly, a man walks onto the screen and tells Pike that he is not human, but some kind of artificial life form. The man tells Pike that he (the alien) is the one who created his mind and the universe around him.

Pike asks the man to help him find out what happened to his crew. But the man refuses and turns off his computer. The man then walks off-screen. While this happens, we see a kind of red ghost-like presence appearing at the corner of Pike’s screen, which he starts to follow. When the entity takes a turn into a darkened hallway, Pike follows it as well.


Introduction to The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds is a Star Trek anthology series that takes a look at various worlds. Also, in the Star Trek universe, as seen through the eyes of imaginary visitors. Each episode begins with a well-crafted “First Contact” scene. The unnamed aliens approach our world from their perspective, describing what they made of Earth before meeting a human.

For example, an alien woman might describe her interest and amazement upon discovering humans for the first time: “I had seen countless species throughout my travels across space.

Names of the characters in The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Anson Mount
Dan Jeannotte
Jess Bush
Ethan Peck
Rebecca Romijn
Christina Chong
Celia Rose Gooding
Bruce Horak
Gia Sandhu
Babs Olusanmokun
Adrian Holmes
Melissa Navia

The storyline of The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

In the year 2376, the USS Enterprise-D encounters a strange ship orbiting a planet. The Enterprise is dispatched to make contact and investigates the planet’s surface for an explanation for the ship’s presence. The crew discovers that a new species has arrived in this sector of space and is seeking to establish diplomatic relations with other species. This discovery throws everything about first contact into question, as long-established principles are thrown out by each faction as they vie to control their destiny in an uncertain future.


The alien species is called the “Fek’Ihri”, a reptilian humanoid that has an insatiable appetite for conquest and domination, a trait cultivated and nurtured by their old masters the Iconians. Even from the beginning of their civilization, they have been used as pawns in greater political struggles.

The Fek’Ihri are ruled by natural aristocracy and are divided into clans that are all ruled by an Emperor.

Unusual New Worlds Being the New Captain Kirk: Paul Wesley

The premiere episode of the second season of Star Trek Discovery is tonight, and Larry “Mr. Sulu” Nemecek has plenty to say about our new Captain, Jason Isaacs. Join him for a chat with veteran actor Paul Wesley and his thoughts on portraying James T. Kirk before he assumes command! You might know Paul Wesley best as Stefan Salvatore on TV’s The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) or as Connor on The Vampire Diaries spinoff series The Originals (2013-2016). He also had a leading role in the TV conspiracy drama Deception (2013). This year, he stars as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery in Star Trek Discovery (2017-present) and as Adam Foster in the Netflix science fiction series Gypsy (2017).

So, what do you think about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?


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