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Review of the eerie Netflix teen sitcom Boo, Bitch: It goes off the rails

Review of the eerie Netflix teen sitcom Boo, Bitch: It goes off the rails

In Season 2 of its supernatural comedy, Boo! Bitch! takes a sharp left turn into existential crisis territory.
It’s been a great ride so far for this meta-comedy about sixteen-year-old Joyce Hixon and her nerdy best friend Hannah Horwitz with their hilarious talk show airing on YouTube. The sophomore season promises to take the story in bold new directions as it explores religion and sexuality. More specifically, the girls’ distinctly Catholic high school education, is just a small part of the show. The girls’ acting teacher Ms. Fazendin (Nancy Lenehan) has asked that their show be an allegory for the Catholic faith, but through their storytelling skills, they have transformed it into a fun and responsive exploration of sexuality in a way only teen girls can.

Introduction to The Boo, Bitch

The Boo, Bitch series is a set of books about a teenage girl and her friends fighting monsters in the woods. Boo is an un-talented huntress with an overabundance of energy and a love for eggs. But when she gets pushed into the forest with all her friends to fight monsters, she learns that it takes more than just enthusiasm to survive against the dark forces that live in those woods. This last book in the series is about a magical tree that is said to be able to grant any wish. (It won’t, but it’s still a fun story!) The book is around 150 pages in length, which makes it perfect for public reading. It’s meant for kids ages 9-12 years old. Ages 7 and up will probably have the most trouble with this book.

Names of the characters in The Boo, Bitch

Jami Alix
Lana Condor
Zoe Margaret Colletti
Mason Versaw
Aparna Brielle
Tenzing Norgay Trainor
Abigail Achiri
Austin Fryberger
Conor Husting
Reid Miller
Michael Solomon
Brittany Bardwell
Jason Genao
John Brantley Cole
Alyssa Jirrels
Cathy Vu
Savira Windyani
Violet Spingarn

The storyline of The Boo, Bitch

In the third book of The Boo, Bitch series, the protagonist goes through a series of events that result in her being driven out of her home. This short movie gives you some insight into what’s going on behind closed doors with our protagonist Rhonda and what happens to always-vulnerable young girls who are outsiders and subject to online abuse. The story sets up an active timeline and creates a look at what it might be like for some other teenage girls who are being victimized by cyberbullying. With Rhonda’s situation as a model, you can see how a variety of online abuse can manifest, not just the abusive behavior of an anonymous cyberbully.


The movie ends with a challenge for you – to be a witness to all the good things that can happen when we, as a community, help each other and be humane – seeing the truth, and hearing both sides of an issue.

Teen TV’s abhorrent fashion nostalgia has simply vanished

Teenagers are often out of touch with what’s going on in the world and do not take risks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look the part. Despite our favorite new brands boasting ethical and sustainable styles, teens are more interested in the old-school, one-size-fits-all trends of decades past. Don’t be fooled by this shift; it may seem like a step back in time to watch reruns of your fave show from when you were a teen yourself.

So, what do you think about The Boo, Bitch?

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