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Excellent, American Horror Stories Managed to Make Dolls Even Scarier — Observe the Second season Promo

Season 2 of American Horror Story is about to be unleashed and it looks like the eerie dolls from last season are going to return with a vengeance! In this latest teaser, the woman, played by Lady Gaga in season 1, alludes to plans for revenge. Besides the dolls taking over her antique shop and now attacking her ex-lover’s wife in this teaser, they were seen also attacking a group of high school girls who had just left their prom party. There are also some very disturbing scenes of the doll heads with their eyes wide open, which is so unnerving! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 2, but I hope that there will be lots of twists and surprises for our fans.

Introduction to The American Horror Stories Season 2

The American Horror Story: Cult Season 2 is nearing its finale, and besides all the creepy figures everywhere, you may have been wondering what the AHS franchise has to offer for those looking for something a little different. Whether you’re new to the series or simply want a refresher on what it’s about, here are some of the best places to find horror stories from around the world in one place (or your screen). In each episode, the anthology series “reveals the stories of different characters, locations and periods, connected by a central theme.” The show is created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Names of the characters in The American Horror Stories Season 2

Zachary Quinto as Dr. Oliver Thredson.
Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy Howard.
Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters.
Evan Peters as Kit Walker.
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice McKee.
Lizzie Brocheré as Grace Bertrand.
James Cromwell as Dr. Arthur Arden.
Jessica Lange as Sister Jude Martin.

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The storyline of The American Horror Stories Season 2

AHS: Roanoke is a show that tells the story of Shelby and Matt, a couple who moves with their daughter, Lily, to North Carolina. It all starts when they visit the home of an ex-lover who claimed to be investigating paranormal activity (Lily’s first words are “Help me!”, but it is not clear whether she was possessed by spirits, or just very excited). This sets up their subsequent discovery of what appears to be a human-sized hog in the woods outside their home. The show ends with the woman being captured by a monster, who turns out to live on a pig farm that had been there all along.


The story then changes to a woman and her daughter, who escaped from Roanoke in 1590, named Michel and Priscilla. They are fleeing some unknown pursuers and are headed to Roanoke via a ship when they encounter Cate, Matt, and Shelby (the same characters from the first storyline).

The terrifying dollhouse in the second season trailer of American Horror Stories

American Horror Story returns for season two this October and the first teaser of the new season has just come out. If you loved American Horror Story’s first season, then you’ll be excited to hear that this second season will take place in an all-new location: a terrifying old-era building with more dark corners than any sane person could ever dream up. This season will once again be a haunted house story. Prepare to visit Hell’s Kitchen, New Orleans, and even the snow-capped mountains of Colorado as you gorge on unsettling dreams and dark nightmares from this haunting new season. The first trailer also refers to Asylum, which was the last season of AHS (before this premiere). So it looks like American Horror Story hasn’t completely abandoned the asylum setting…seems like it will still have an element to do with evil doctors experimenting on people for their sick enjoyment.

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So, what do you think about The American Horror Stories Season 2?

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