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A Few Essential Obligations to Abide by With a Bail Bond – The Crucial Points to Know

Our justice system is complex and works in strange ways. Many people might think paying cash for a crime that you didn’t commit to move out of jail is non-progressive. But that’s how the legal system works. Also, when you pay the bail, there are a few obligations that you need to cater to. If the defendant breaks these rules, it can hamper their legal case. 

Once you avail the services of a bail bond company, you should be certain about a few limitations. When the judge mentions it, the defendant must pay heed to it. Some of the obligations that you must follow are:

  • The check-ins

The pretrial check-ins are one of the most important rules to follow. Rather than checking in with the parole officer, you should check with the pretrial officer to ensure everything works as planned. It can get done in several ways where the pretrial officer stops at various points. In case the defendant gets under house arrest and should wear an ankle monitor, the apparent way to check in would be a pretrial officer checking in. To know more about it you can check out Castle Bail Bonds

  1. The policy of no-contact

If the alleged crime involves domestic violence or stalking, the judge will ask for a no-contact order. Here the defendant can’t contact the people involved in the case. At times, it also involves other people who are alleged of any crime. 

  • The banned substances

There will be times when the judge will issue an order where the defendant will refrain from all kinds of legal substances, such as alcohol and marijuana. Also, while certain drugs can be illegal, there is a mention that if there is any breach in resorting to the banned substances, the outcome can aggravate the case. It is very common in legal cases involving substance abuse-related crimes or DUI. 

  • The terms related to employment
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The judge might order the defendant to stay employed as they opt-in for the bail bond. It is because when a person is working, it ensures that they are involved in productive work, which means that they are not getting into anything unproductive or dangerous. If there is a point where the defendant gets unemployed, the judge can ask the defendant to search for a job after bail. It is something that the pretrial officer can monitor. 

These are some of the standard rules and regulations that the judge will mention based on the severity of the crime for which you get accused of. That aside, sometimes there are a few travel restrictions, which get implemented based on the crime level and can lead to other stricter terms. 

If you have any queries regarding the obligations and limitations, you can ask your lawyer after availing of the bail bond says Chiang Rai Times.. They will guide you well, update you about the rules you should adhere to, and also update you about other tactics you must follow to ensure that the legal case turns out in your favor. 



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