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The Unforgivable Review: It’s Bullock’s unvarnished performance, not the film, that keeps you interested

The Unforgivable Review: It’s Bullock’s unvarnished performance, not the film, that keeps you interested

The Unforgivable Review: It’s Bullock’s unfiltered performance that keeps you hooked and not the film Bullock plays Leigh Ann, a hardened woman in her 40s who has spent most of her life taking care of others. Her sister died tragically as a child and she was left to provide for three younger siblings. She also had abusive boyfriends but found herself again with Louis (Travolta) when she started working at the dance studio he ran. Her tough exterior was the only way she knew how to protect herself. “She became a hard shell to keep her soft insides safe.” Though she has a son, he is with his father, who pays little attention to him when he isn’t drinking and gambling. The last straw comes when Louis becomes ill and wants her to hire someone new to run the studio when he recovers. Leigh Ann is resistant because she knows how hard it will be for someone new and that they might not be able to afford it.

Introduction to The Unforgivable

“Unauthorized Access” is a podcast that discusses complex technology and the implications of our thoughts, feelings, and actions as we navigate this emerging field. As society becomes increasingly intertwined with technology, it’s important to keep an eye on how we’re being manipulated. In this episode of “Unauthorized Access”, I speak with author and filmmaker Ashleigh Radford about the interesting history of The Unforgivable – a blog that describes itself as “breaking down the boundaries between journalism & activism.


Name of the characters in The Unforgivable

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Sandra Bullock as Ruth Slater
Viola Davis as Liz Ingram
Tom Guiry as Keith Whelan
Will Pullen as Steve Whelan
Vincent D’Onofrio as John Ingram
Richard Thomas as Michael Malcolm
Aisling Franciosi as Katherine Malcolm
Rob Morgan as Vincent Cross
Linda Emond as Rachel Malcolm
W. Earl Brown as Mac Whelan
Jon Bernthal as Blake
Will Pullen as Steve

The storyline of The Unforgivable

The term “unforgivable” is a word used to describe something so disastrous and offensive that it cannot be forgiven, or forgotten about. A woman’s body is found lying in the forest of Northeast Tennessee, after being shot multiple times in the head and back with a rifle. What makes this story unforgivable, other than the fact that she was shot like an animal and left for dead? She was strangled first before her shooting. And she was raped, beaten, and then strangled. What is worse than losing your life? Losing it to the unforgivable.

The Victim

The victim, in this case, is a woman named Theresa Lambert. She was a 46-year-old part-time waitress at a local Applebee’s in Erwin, Tennessee, and worked as a bus driver for the community college nearby. Theresa had just moved into her new rental home at her mother’s house, having lived with her family for over 17 years. It was then that her mother discovered she wasn’t just homeless and jobless, but suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and possibly PTSD. There were no signs before this moment that Theresa was in such a terrible situation, and the mother had no idea of what Theresa went through during those 17 years. Her family is shocked and dismayed to find out their mother was never given proper treatment for her mental illness.


The Suspects

There are three suspects in this case. The first is Theresa’s ex-boyfriend, John Anderson. They were boyfriend and girlfriend for seven years, having an on-again-off-again relationship. When they were together, they partied a lot and drank hard liquor to the point of passing out regularly. It was usually John who was the one who would get them into trouble by getting them arrested for public intoxication or public fighting while they were drunk at a bar or party. When Theresa would find out that she would get upset with him and break up with him.

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