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The Predator choice of Jean-Claude Van Damme was destined to fail

The casting of Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was at the height of his career when The Predator came out, is one of the worst decisions in Hollywood. You may know him from films such as Bloodsport and Kickboxer, or his iconic role as the ‘Muscles from Brussels.’ He’s a martial artist (or actor?) with an impressive fight resume that includes high-profile competitors and world champions.

As a result, casting him as an alien hunter in a science fiction action flick is like putting Kobe Bryant on the bench in favor of Michael Jordan, or hiring Lionel Messi to play goalie. The Predator made over 12 million dollars less than its predecessor and critics were mixed on the film’s casting, with the consensus being that Van Damme was out of place as a computer-generated extraterrestrial hunter.

Introduction to The Predator

There are a host of predators in our world. From Black Widows to the infamous Meerkat that kills entire colonies, they are cunningly efficient creatures. They have been around for millions of years and have adapted to survive in almost any environment. But what intrigues me is that we humans have only been around for a relatively short time (around 200 000 years) yet we seem to be the apex predator on Earth now. Are we in a state of evolution or decline, and can we help it?

When discussing predation the prevailing theory is that the overall balance of nature always remained in the balance as long as nothing made its way into the predator’s domain. But what if our planet did not have predators? Well, there is no need to explain what our world would look like. If there were no other animals to eat us and our food sources, then all life on Earth would have become extinct from starvation.


Name of the characters in The Predator

Here are celebritys’ names mentioned below:

  • Peter Cullen as Predator
  • Sonny Landham as Billy
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch
  • Bill Duke as Mac
  • Carl Weathers as Dillon
  • Jesse Ventura as Blain
  • Shane Black as Hawkins
  • Elpidia Carrillo as Anna
  • Richard Chaves as Poncho
  • Steve Boyum also played as Hostage Executed by the Russian
  • Henry Kingi played as Guerilla Soldier Blown Up in Van
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The storyline of The Predator

The Predator is one of the all-time greatest sci-fi action films, second only to Alien. In it, a group of ragtag soldiers trapped in a remote base is hunted and terrorized by an alien warrior creature with a metal, “Predator” helmet. The Predator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) looks like the clunky-looking humanoid superman from the first film’s opening sequence. He flies about by manipulating his wings and his suit itself provides the illusion of weightlessness.

The Predator also marks the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has played an action hero since he was in Commando. And even though his character is a big, dumb killing machine and his screen time is short, he’s one of the most intense action heroes ever. He’s the most compelling character in a film that routinely put its focus on bare-bones characters with little depth.


Well, how stream Prey (2022): Is the Predator spinoff now available to stream?

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to watch this movie, don’t worry — here’s how you can stream Prey (2022) and other movies. Before we get into how you can watch the movie, let’s talk about what Prey means for the Predator franchise. The series has been dormant for over a decade now but it looks like it might be back on top again with this project. Andrew Form, the president of the production at 20th Century Fox, teased that more [Predator] films are on the way.

So, what do you think about The Predator?

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