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What Is The Best Way To Purchase Drugs Online?

Those who live with a chronic disease have found themselves without the medication before taking the daily dose. Sometimes this happens precisely at the most inconvenient times and when the pharmacy closest to you is closed. The good news is that technology can come on the scene to help you: buying medicine online is now possible, and here is some information to show you how to do it and which ones are the risks involved. 

It is undeniable that purchasing a medication is quite different from buying any other product on the internet. After all, we are talking about health, well being and safety for your treatment. With that in mind, here are three critical tips for assessing supplier reliability and warding off any risks in the process. Take note.

3 Points of Attention When Buying Medicine Online

First of all, it is worth highlighting an important issue: every virtual pharmacy and a physical store need to have a pharmacist on duty to provide care and answer the question. However, checking the availability of this professional is just one of the points of attention when buying medicine online. Check out three other precautions:


Check If the Website Address Is Safe

All websites that sell medicines online must be registered under the domain “.com.” In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the language used. Check if it is severe and coherent, and check if the medicines display the registration information at the Ministry of Health.

Another sign of security: the home page must present data such as telephone number, physical address, corporate name and opening hours. The responsible professional’s name and registration in the Regional Council of Pharmacy must also be exposed. A visit to happens to be perfect there.

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Don’t Buy From Someone Who Doesn’t Ask For a Prescription


If the internet brings many facilities, it is undeniable that it opens doors for malicious people to apply scams and take advantage of users’ inexperience. So be careful:  

If you come across a page offering over-the-counter medications, don’t buy it. This practice is illegal. It is worth remembering that there are sites that display information about controlled drugs, only their value and main characteristics, but do not sell them. This is precise because commercialization, under these conditions, is prohibited. Every severe and safe service will require the presentation of a medical prescription.

Check If the Product Is Sealed

Even if all the online pharmacy’s safety requirements are met, the delivery timing can also help ensure the establishment’s reliability. Therefore, check the packaging when you receive the medicine: it must be sealed with a security stripe and barcode. Also, check if the treatment has expired.


Controlled Drugs: What Are The Rules For Virtual Purchase?

In general, market the medicine in three ways:

  • Non-prescription drugs, as in the case of muscle relaxants
  • Sold only by prescription, like human insulin
  • Controlled, which requires revenue retention

In the first two cases, it is possible to upload the prescription when buying medicine online. On the other hand, the controlled ones can only be acquired in physical pharmacies or with the delivery or withholding of the medical prescription by other means.


Buying online is an excellent option, which offers a lot of conveniences. Although following these safety tips is tough for something to go wrong.

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