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Things to consider when choosing a live band for your wedding day

Many couples don’t realize the importance of music and how it can influence the tone of their day and how others feel about it. Music is a highly personalized experience because everyone has associations attached to the songs they hear, which may not be solely about age. People will associate the songs with their wild days in college, first loves, or current significant others. The best way to ensure each guest feels included, aside from surrounding them with no shortage of food, beverages, and open spaces for dancing is through playing bright assortments of genres and generations with familiar titles.

Searching for a live music band can be a daunting task, but remember to break down your options over the actual course of the entire wedding day, such as music for the ceremony, reception, breakfast, and evening entertainment. When you know what type of atmosphere these occasions demand or what guests expect, you can approach a professional wedding musical band, such as Around Town Entertainment, with utmost clarity. You may talk about your preferences for the best-personalized experience. So, let’s explore what a wedding ceremony or drink reception should be like when it comes to the selection of music.

  • Wedding ceremony music preparation

Whether you plan to get married during the day or in the evening, it’s a good idea to talk about music for your pre-wedding ceremonies (i.e., your bridal entrance and exit). Some churches won’t need live music in their ceremony, so let your musicians know. You don’t have to worry about it if you are holding the ceremony at a beach, farm, or other places. Most brides like to listen to the music at these special moments as it helps them usher in the mood of their celebration and binds together their love for their partners. 

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For example, most ceremony musicians agree to play one song as the bride and groom enter and leave. Also, there is commonly background music before the ceremony begins while guests arrive. 

You and your partner can talk to your music band about the options of song and music for those individual moments to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Reception music preparation

After tying the knot, it’s time to move on to the celebration. By this time, your special guests will have worked up an appetite, so you will want some tunes that will make them dance, eat, and drink. You can do this by booking a band that plays top 40 hits and covers old classics, or you can choose someone who covers your favorite genre or era. But make sure to select music that is a nod towards the couple’s extraordinary love story together! 

And if you’re going to have them play two events, it may be wise to book a band that can perform on both occasions. It can be more affordable and accessible.

As per CTN News, choosing the right live wedding music band is an important decision that will help make your wedding day perfect. During selection, check what songs they play, the size of the band, their ratings and reviews, and of course, the pricing.  


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