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Practices for remineralization of the teeth and good overall dental health

Minerals like phosphate and calcium help make the tooth enamel strong. They further prevent subsequent cavities and tooth decay. With age, the tooth starts losing the minerals. It may be a result of eating acidic or sugary food. Moreover, it also takes place when bacteria accumulate in the mouth. Once the bone or enamel is gone, it is impossible to get it back without replacing the teeth. You may replenish the mineral by making some lifestyle changes and considering some home remedies. The process is called remineralization. 

  • Brush twice

Cavities are responsible for bad breath and oral issues. Brushing the teeth is significant for removing bacteria. If you go by studies, you will see that bacteria get transmitted through drink and food. Brushing the teeth may remove these unwanted guests and lead to proper oral health. 

  • Effect of fluoride toothpaste

You might feel that any toothpaste may work to prevent demineralization. However, it is not so. Only fluoride toothpaste is effective on the teeth because it impacts oral health and prevents tooth decay. It strengthens the teeth and makes them strong against mineral loss. 

  • Cut down sugar

When you visit your dentist, they will warn you against sugar intake. Remember that it is responsible for bacterial growth inside the mouth. Sugar is acidic and interferes with bacteria inside the mouth by breaking tooth enamel. Modern studies further reveal that sugar consumption leads to demineralization at a faster rate. 

  • Go for sugarless gum

Studies reveal that sugarless gum promotes demineralization. Hence, it encourages the salivary gland to make more saliva and promotes good oral health. Older studies further establish that sugar-free gum removes plaque, sugar, and carbs from the teeth. If you have healthy Natural Teeth, you are among the lucky ones. 

  • Consume fruit juice and fruits. 
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Fruit is a significant part of a balanced and healthy diet. However, it may be acidic, and the worst culprit is citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruit. Fruit acid results in the erosion of the teeth’ enamel. It means that the acid binds with the calcium and strips it away. Fruit juices are worse. These are highly acidic and contain sugars. The best way of staying away from these items is by eating fruit occasionally. 

  • Dental visits

A regular dental visit is vital to examine oral health frequently. Whether it is moderate or severe oral issues, you cannot take it casually. You must discuss your case in detail when you go to the dentist. The more transparent you are in your approach, the better will be the treatment. Dentists undertake different measures to examine your dental condition. They use various processes to diagnose the cause behind the issue. Remember, you must address your oral health and take immediate steps for mineralization. 

You can improve oral health by reducing your starchy food and drinking more water. Hence, you should bring some lifestyle changes under the guidance of your doctor. Cut down your alcohol consumption and intake of sugary substances. These pointers will take care of your oral health.







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