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A lonely elderly Chinese immigrant, who’s shaken by the recent loss of her daughter and bewildered by the changes that have overtaken her adopted homeland, is swept up in an insane adventure. She’s transported to a hidden world full of people from different countries, times, and dimensions. There she meets a girl who claims to be “her” as she might have been in another life. And this enigmatic stranger has an inexplicable connection with a string of unsolved murders in Chinatown that have thrown the city into chaos.

What is the plot of the story?

The novel is the story of an aging Chinese immigrant who, having recently lost her daughter, is washed up and alone in a chaotic world. She experiences changes that she doesn’t understand, like how the streets of Chinatown have become violent and even ghosts, have been known to walk among the living. “She” is then swept up in an insane adventure with a mysterious girl who claims to be her incarnate in another life.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Michelle Yeoh, James Hong, James Kyson Lee, and Taylor Misiak. I would say Michelle Yeoh plays the role of the main character, Junling (Chun Li in the movie), combined with Eileen Li (her mother). James Hong did a terrific job as a vicious gangster who happens to be Junling’s uncle. And James Kyson Lee played the role of Kenji, her dead nephew who participates in a mysterious murder.

What are the themes?

The main theme is that there are infinite possibilities for every human being. Each of us could have led a completely different life. We could be leading opposite results in our current existence just by making better or worse choices at the right time. If you were to choose alternative outcomes, you would understand what you could have become, or might still become someday.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist is Junling’s uncle, who happens to be a vicious gangster. His motive to hurt his niece is that, long ago, he made bad choices about gambling. When his father almost bankrupted the family. But he was saved by the assistant to Junling and her brothers. Which in turn led him to become a successful entrepreneur and eventually a powerful gangster. He has always hated his niece for having married this man he owes everything to. He feels like she owes him something too and wants to take it back from her.

What are the epic scenes?

There are quite a few epic scenes in the movie. I enjoyed the scene where Junling’s son, Kenji, is killed by a powerful gangster (his uncle whom he despises). The whole family is there to support him and his girlfriend, and they’re happy that he’s moving on to the next life. It’s a tragic scene because they don’t realize that this is an accident with tragic consequences.


Who is the most loved character?

I think everyone loves Junling. She’s the most vulnerable and determined woman I’ve ever seen. She’s very loyal to all of her loved ones and acts as a mother figure to her nephews, even though they’re older than she is, which means she’s been bothering them for 20 years. And we see this loyalty when she tells Grandma (who lives with her) that she has to leave Chinatown because she knows her sons are in danger and she doesn’t have the strength to protect them anymore.

Would you recommend watching this?

Yes, I would recommend watching it. Even though it’s an indie film, it has very high production quality. And it’s a very entertaining movie for two people to watch together because there are so many emotionally charged scenes. Thanks for reading!

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