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First Kill Season 1 : Mythology and Monsters in the series are finally explained .

The two learn some life lessons together: how to be friends even when they fight incessantly, how to care for someone they barely know, and that sometimes it’s worth fighting harder than you thought was necessary. In the first episode, Juliette and Calliope agree to never see each other again, but of course, they end up together again to uncover the mystery of a vampire hunter who’s been killing their kind. The relationship is intense and dramatic, which makes for a good television series. Whether or not teens will like this is debatable, but there is something here for everyone.

What is the plot of the story?

The plot of the story is simple; two teens (one a vampire, the other a hunter) become romantically involved. The vampire is supposed to kill the hunter but ends up falling for her instead. There are large obstacles in their relationship that make things difficult, but the love between them overcomes these difficulties. The plot is pretty straightforward: a teenage romance with a side of the mystery genre. The protagonist of Falling in Love with a Vampire is Juliette. She is a vampire who was turned 18, so she is still getting used to her new abilities such as being unable to go out during the day or eat food. It’s only been two years since she was turned, while Calliope has been a vampire hunter for many years. Juliette gets frustrated easily and doesn’t have much experience in relationships with humans.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Jonas Dylan Allen, Gracie Dzienny, Lindsey Morgan, Allie Gonino, David Clayton Rogers, and others. Juliette is the female protagonist of Falling in Love with a Vampire. Juliette has just been turned into a vampire and is very confused. She doesn’t know what to do with her life now that she can’t go out during the day or eat food, but she likes that she can remember everything she has ever learned. As a vampire, Juliette tries to seduce Calliope’s human boyfriend and on their first meeting, the two almost fight until Calliope knocks Juliette out.

What are the difficulties they face?

The difficulties they face include the challenges of a new relationship. How do you handle someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience with relationships? Juliette and Calliope spend most of the story dealing with this challenge and it isn’t easy. It’s hard to trust someone even though you know them for years, but Juliette’s love for Calliope is strong and she knows she can’t let him go just yet. Another challenge they have to deal with is the revelation that Calliope’s boyfriend is a vampire hunter. Juliette had a bad feeling about him the moment she met him, but of course, can’t explain why.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist of this story is Juliette’s friend Hugo. He was turned into a vampire by Juliette but has yet to thank her for it. He says that she needs to be killed because she doesn’t know how to control her thirst for blood. Hugo believes that vampires are more powerful than humans and that he should use his new abilities for his benefit. He isn’t working alone though, as other vampires agree with his ideology. Hugo is the secondary antagonist.


What are the epic scenes?

The epic scenes are the more intense moments of the story. The love between Juliette and Calliope is strong, but they have so many obstacles to get through to be together. This makes their relationship complicated and dramatic, which is a good thing for a television series. Without any epic scenes though, there’s nothing really that gets you excited about their relationship other than the fact that they’re both vampires and hunters. Juliette is the most loved character in Falling in Love with a Vampire. She’s witty, smart, and very, open about her feelings for Calliope. She doesn’t have any preconceived notions about vampires and has good relationships with humans as well.

Would you recommend watching this?

The series is good, but not my thing. It’s not a bad series and definitely worth watching if you like vampire television shows. If you’re into drama, then you’ll definitely like this one. Thanks for reading!

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