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Thunderbolts : Jake Schreier takes part as the director in the film .

The team consists mostly of reformed supervillains. Escaping imprisonment, Baron Zemo gathers the Masters of Evil to form a new superteam. The Masters of Evil is soon defeated by the Avengers. In the aftermath of that battle, Captain America is missing in action and presumed dead. Zemo captures his foe and places him on trial before an international tribunal, with an electrical device implanted within Cap’s chest to paralyze him if he tries any super-powered moves.

What is the plot of the story?

As the Thunderbolts assemble, Thunderbolt Ross begins by accusing them of working for “the wrong side”; with no clear leader, the team breaks up. (He was an Avenger and a founding member of the New Avengers). The group reforms under Zemo’s leadership, but they are defeated by Moonstone. Zemo then brainwashes them and has them terrorize a Manhattan street. When the Avengers return from Counter-Earth, Hawkeye and Songbird defeat Zemo and help the other Thunderbolts redeem themselves for their crimes. General Ross is appointed as the chairman of the new Thunderbolts team.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Baron Zemo, Taskmaster, Fixer, Moonstone, Songbird, Hawkeye, and Swordsman – who is in a coma and covered with a sheet at the head of the Avengers table. The rest are present but do not play any role. They are Black Knight, Atlas, Deadpool, and U.S. Agent. The role of the cast is as follows: Baron Zemo, a founding member of the Masters of Evil and the masterminds behind their failed plan to defeat the Avengers. Taskmaster.

Another founding member of the Masters of Evil and master of assassination. Fixer, a henchman hired by Zemo, also uses computer technology. Moonstone, another founding member of the Masters of Evil, could turn into any phase she wishes, including inorganic matter. Swordsman is not a villain but during this meeting, he was still in a coma after being badly injured by Scourge. He can be seen covered with a sheet at the Avengers table.


What are the difficulties they face?

Taskmaster allegedly steals the information about Thunderbolt Ross’ secret identity that was stored in the New Avengers computer server. His honesty is later confirmed by a government official. Black Knight is near death.¬† And in a coma. Hawkeye and Songbird are brutally attacked by the Masters of Evil. After they refuse to fight them and are taken away in a van. Songbird’s injuries result in her losing her voice. Deadpool joins the team.¬† Who is now without a leader? Hawkeye is joined by Moonstone, who takes charge of the team.

The Thunderbolts are now under Ross’ leadership.¬† And as they move into their new headquarters.¬† He begins to suspect that members of his new team are not to be trusted. The Avengers meet with the Thunderbolts to discuss Stark’s revelation that he had created a Counter-Earth a few years back. Hawkeye has taken the blame for leading this other team to destroy the earth. And allows himself to be put on trial before an international tribunal.

What are the themes?

The themes of the story are as follows: Diversity and globalization are two themes that are strongly present in the story. The Thunderbolts members share a common trait. Each one of them is a villain. Who has turned over a new leaf and repented his or her past actions? This is why Taskmaster was able to gain access to the information about Thunderbolt Ross’ secret identity. Which was supposedly stored in the New Avengers computer server. Another example is when Hawkeye almost allows himself. To be put on trial before an international tribunal.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist is Baron Zemo. Zemo’s role in the story is to mastermind the Masters of Evil and their failed attempt to defeat the Avengers. His role as an antagonist becomes more obvious when he kidnaps Songbird and only gives her back after the Thunderbolts have repented for their wrongdoings. The Thunderbolts are a villain organization now under his leadership¬† And he has control over them from then on. He also played a key role in delivering Songbird’s voice back to her. And getting Hawkeye out of prison is a sign of good faith. He later uses Deadpool to do all his dirty work again. But this time around he dares not challenge him directly. Since it could mean his death.


Would you recommend watching this?

It is recommended that readers watch this because it contains the founding members of the Masters of Evil.  And gives an accurate portrayal of the team. This story serves as a prelude to The Thunderbolts. Therefore, readers must be granted access to all the information. Before becoming acquainted with more issues. Thanks for reading!

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