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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Business Name 

Finding the best name for your business is not an easy task. You need to choose something that will reflect the products and services of your company without sounding silly. As the process is challenging, many entrepreneurs end up making some common mistakes while finding the perfect name for their business. 

Finding the perfect business name is one of the most challenging tasks for many entrepreneurs. A memorable and appealing business name will help your business generate online visibility and recognition. On the other hand, if the business name is inappropriate or poorly chosen, it will create a negative impression of the brand which will drive customers away. Not to mention, customers will forget that your business exists in the market. 

Some essential aspects of finding the perfect business name are purely subjective and dependent on preferences, personal wishes, or even the name of the business owner. Here are the mistakes you should avoid while naming your business. 

Choosing a Name that Prevents Business from Growing 

You need to use a company name generator to find a business name that will help your company grow in the future. 


The popularity of the geographic business names is growing. However, what will you do if you want to expand your business to new geographic locations? Unless you know that you will operate your business from the same physical location, make sure you don’t include geographical locations in your business name. The same rule is also applicable for naming your business as per the products and services of your company. This is because your business name will look irrelevant if you decide to offer new products or services or stop offering the existing products and services. Apart from that, make sure you don’t choose business names that come with current trends. Trends are temporary, but your business name is permanent. Changing the business name in the later stage will create additional problems. 

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You Choose a Name that is Too General 

While you should not find business names that will limit the direction of your company or the future growth of your brand, you also need to ensure that your business name is not too general. If you choose a business name that is too general, it won’t reflect what you do as a business owner. To someone who doesn’t have any information about your company, general names will confuse them as they won’t be able to know what to expect from your company. 

Using a Complicated Business Name 

Just because you want to stand apart from the crowd doesn’t mean you need to choose business names that are difficult to understand, pronounce, and remember. If you look at the successful companies in the world, you will notice that most of them have short yet attractive and memorable business names. The business name needs to be short enough to fit properly in your traditional marketing techniques such as business cards, flags, signs, etc. As per Indeed, traditional marketing is effective. Additionally, people should not face any difficulty while reading or spelling their business name. If your customers can’t remember the business name, your marketing efforts will go in vain. 


These are the mistakes you should avoid while choosing a business name. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 



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