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The Dragon Prince : First Sneak Peek shows the Mysteries of Aaravos .

THE DRAGON PRINCE is a heart-racing high fantasy novel that blends ancient and modern worlds. Six elemental sources of magic exist on earth, in the sky, under the sea, and in suns and moons. When the seventh source of magic – dark magic – is discovered on earth by humans one hundred years ago, hundreds of creatures were forced to flee into hiding or become extinct due to a lack of resources. Now an intricate web has been woven around the different sources with each element serving its power-hungry group and their dragon prince – a being born with elemental powers who manage them for their benefit.

What is the plot of the story? 

It is the story of three young siblings whose lives are turned upside down when they’re attacked by a dragon and make a drastic decision that separates them forever. Prince Callum and his sister, Clarysse, are separated from their brother, Prince Gaelen, while they attempt to escape their homeland of Ordering. As they run for their lives with only each other to depend on, they learn that Gaelen has been taken captive in the neighboring kingdom of Swyllyngar to be used as a sacrifice to appease an evil dragon god.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Paula Burrows and Sasha Rojen. Paula Burrows (UK) is known for her roles of Lily in The Lilys, Anabelle Briggs in the ITV drama Bodies, Jamie Crichton in The Last LEGION, and Lucy Maud Montgomery in Selkie: A Celtic Fantasy. Also,o she played the role of Meggy Rigney on CBC’s radio soap opera Nightcap. Sasha Rojen is known for her role as Naama in the Israeli series Medical Investigation. Her other works include The Traveler’s Girls and Master & Margarita.

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What are the difficulties they face?

Paula Burrows explained that the roles of Clarysse and Gaelen are challenging, as the character must be a combination of both an angry, impetuous young woman and a brave prince warrior. She said that it is difficult to see these characters through the eyes of the audience rather than through her own eyes, which creates dilemmas for herself. Sasha Rojen said that she had to learn how to play two different characters whose personalities were very different from each other. The three siblings are played by Paula Burrows 、Sasha Rojen 、and


What are the themes?

Themes in the story include family, self-sacrifice, power struggles, and brotherly love. There is also a mystic aspect to the story as well as some aspects of magic and fairy tales. The main theme that can be attributed to the story is self-sacrifice, it is a good thing to give up everything for one’s family especially when that means giving up your freedom and other aspects of life. In this theme,
The climax is where the story turns from a human drama to one of the mythical proportions. In the final act, the characters are placed in a position where they must make a decision that will either save their brother or leave him to die. The choice that each of the three siblings makes shapes their destiny and changes their lives forever.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist is Terek and his motives are to satisfy himself, he feels that he must be free from the chains of his father’s expectations. He does not care about the damage he does to achieve that goal, which is why there is the antagonist of this particular story  These scenes are: Callum challenging Terek to a sword duel and being thrown into the pit where he sees two of his friends who were taken captive. Each of the three siblings must plan an escape, or their brother will die.

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Would you recommend watching this?

Yes, I would recommend this because it is a beautifully written story that is also very powerful, and emotional, and has a great performance by the cast. Thanks for reading!

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