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Father of the Bride : Official trailer for the reboot is finally announced .

For the first time in his life, José has to worry about a wedding. His fifteen-year-old daughter Lourdes is about to marry an immigrant from Cuba, and he doesn’t have any idea how he should approach the situation. José can’t remember anything that happened during the two decades since she was born, but since then his daughter had become a beautiful and rebellious young woman who refuses to take even a moment of her life for granted.

What is the plot of the story?

The story is about a father whose daughter (Lourdes) is about to get married for the first time. The father does not have good relations with his daughter, so he does not know how to deal with this situation. He has to find out what happened during her childhood after she became an adult because he did not know much about her in the past. José is a father who does not have good relations with his daughter, but he still loves her. He always tries to be helpful to all of his family members including Lourdes. Even though he does not have a close relationship with her, she still goes to him for help when she has problems.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast include Andy Garcia , Adria Arjona , María Elena Martínez , Alberto Estrella , and Hector Ávalos . José is a father who does not have good relations with his daughter and he cannot even remember her childhood. He tries to be helpful in all situations, but he does not know what to do when it comes to Lourdes’ wedding and she has no idea how to approach the situation. María Elena is a mother who always thinks about the family and wants everyone to be happy. She is kind of strict with Lourdes, but deep down she loves her daughter very much. Although she has a hard time trying to understand how Lourdes lives her life as she grew up, however, sometimes she still finds time for herself as well.

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What are the difficulties they face?

José and Lourdes face many difficulties because they do not have a close relationship with each other, but they still have to face the wedding. José has no idea how to deal with this situation because he is not used to this type of thing and he is not even familiar with the man who wants to marry his daughter. Because of that, he asks for María’s (his wife’s) help and she gives him advice on how to help his daughter in every situation. When it comes to Lourdes, she does not know what she wants or even what she wants from a marriage that is supposed to be forever.


What is the climax like?

The climax is when everything seems to be turned upside down. Lourdes does not know what she wants from her life and she does not even have an idea on how to approach her wedding. She goes to her dad for help, but he does not have any idea what should do with this situation either. He asks María for advice, but she gives him no answer at all because she is just as confused about the situation as he is. Later on, María tells him about the past and why it is so difficult for Lourdes to love someone.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist is Marco, the boy who wants to marry Lourdes. He only thinks about his intentions and he does not care about anything else that happens around him. He treats everyone badly, especially Lourdes, and she does not like that at all. She is a very nice person who cares about others and she does not like people who are trying to take advantage of her for personal gains. The wedding is an epic scene because many important things happen during the ceremony. People gather around Lourdes and they expect her to go through with it, but she changes her mind at the last minute. People are shocked and confused by her decision, but she does not care about what they think about her.


Would you recommend watching this?

Yes, I would recommend watching this movie for people who are interested in dramas. This story is about a father and a daughter who have many difficulties to face when the time comes for the daughter to get married. The father does not have any idea on how to handle this situation and he is not even familiar with the man who wants to marry his daughter, but he still tries his best to help Lourdes in every possible way. Thanks for reading!

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