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Fargo Season 5 : Jon Hamm is all set to star in the epic new season .

Fargo, the TV series starring Martin Freeman, has been renewed for a fifth season. In the original film from 1996, William H. Macy played Jerry Lundegaard. Jerry Lundegaard is a car salesman by day and a kidnapper by night. Told to turn away from his job, he goes on a killing spree across Minnesota. This is just one of many stories that lead back to Fargo and its colorful inhabitants over decades of movies. TV series, and books are inspired by the prospect of trouble for all who come near. Fargo, the TV series, definitely lives up to its name. Its first season was very similar to its movie counterpart. The series starts with an investigation into the disappearance of an elderly patient at a local hospital . It goes on to expose a sex slavery ring  . And tracks down a mysterious stranger  .Who seems to be some form of “pied piper.”

What is the plot of the story ?

The first season of Fargo starts with an investigation into Lou Solverson, a police officer who has returned home to find that an elderly patient at the local hospital, Ed Blumquist .  Has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Included in the case is a theft at a local butcher shop and evidence of an attempted murder and kidnapping at the Solverson family cabin. Interspersed are episodes involving a mysterious prostitute named Nikki Swango . Her partner/lover Maurice LeFay, as well as two kidnappers/cannibals .  Who had intended to abduct Ed and Nancy Blumquist’s deaf daughter, Rye. Martin Freeman plays Solverson and Billy Bob Thornton plays Lorne Malvo . The mysterious stranger who shoots a man dead in a bar for no apparent reason.

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Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Billy Bob Thornton , Martin Freeman , Bob Odenkirk , Colin Hanks , Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Jim Gaffigan and many more . Donald Mcdorman, who starred in the original film as Jerry Lundegaard and Naya Rivera plays an FBI agent named Carrie Coon. She also stars in the famous House of Cards, a Netflix production. In season two, she has a big part in “The Nightman Cometh”, an excellent installment.

What are the difficulties they face in the series ?

It follows the investigation into the disappearance of an elderly patient at a local hospital and culminates with a series of events which lead back to Minnesota and its colorful inhabitants. The characters in this series are trying to solve several crimes that seem to be connected together: a nurse who is caught in bed with one of the patients, a murder, an attempted kidnapping, a sex slave ring and the secret from another murder that had been covered up by the authorities.


In this installment we also get involved in another crime as well as some back stories on some characters. The dialogues, relationships and scenery are all major elements of Fargo and make this TV series a fantastic watch. As the story develops, many events happen in order to achieve the confrontation. In the first season, this leads to a shootout at Sioux Falls where Malvo’s family is being held hostage by Lorne himself as well as several hundred pounds of cocaine and an automatic machine gun.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is actually the strange stranger, Lorne Malvo, who just needs to find a reason to kill again. Malvo’s motives are not entirely clear but he seems to enjoy killing and to believe that it is okay and even a good thing. In his first scene, he shoots a man in the back of a bar for no apparent reason at all. Ultimately, as in most of these narratives, it comes down to a confrontation between our heroes and the antagonist. In each season there are several enough subplots that come together in this final sequence and all but two or three get resolved .


Would you recommend watching this ?

Series like this have to be seen in TV format. No doubt it is interesting, and the casting is perfect. It can’t be denied that Martin Freeman is fantastic in this role. He definitely deserved his Golden Globe Award this year. The writers have managed to weave several fictional narratives together in a very satisfying way .  And the editing of the show is very good as well as its soundtrack by T Bone Burnett and Nick Cave. Thanks for reading !

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