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the northman : All set to get a Digital and 4K Blue-Ray in the month of June .

When news reached him that his father had been cruelly murdered and his mother kidnapped by the son of his own flesh, a mighty rage was generated in the heart of Prince Amleth. He spurned all offers to heal the breach, instead biding his time for two decades. Upon hearing that he was finally about to be avenged on Edmund for this crime, he set out for King Feng’s court in England to await an opportunity to confront him with force. On his way, he stopped in a secluded corner of the forest to rest from his journey. He was seeking respite from the hot sun and had chosen to lie down beneath an ancient oak tree. As he lay there, his mind became restless and finally made him get up.

What is the plot of the story ?

The boy Amleth is a prince who has power over life and death as well as the ability to become a dragon. He has been waiting for two decades for his revenge and makes peace with his father’s murderer (Edmund). The reason for him to wait this long is that he wanted the whole world to know about his revenge. The film begins with a flashback of when Amleth was in his mother’s womb, which is the cause of his patience. He was born from a woman who loved two men, but she eventually chose to marry the king’s enemy and have Amleth so that he would have revenge one day.


Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Anya Taylor Joy , Alexander Skarsgard , Bjork , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau , Sigourney Weaver , Paul Dano or Karl Urban and Freya Mavor. Amleth is the protagonist that has been planning revenge for two decades, he is almost a man when he decides to start his quest. He is impatient, but smart at the same time. Edmund is the antagonist in many ways and Amleth’s uncle who killed his father and kidnapped his mother. He doesn’t care about anything besides himself and enjoys everything life gives him.

What are the difficulties they face ?

In the film, there are no difficulties that Amleth has to face because he is used to it. In this film the difficulties that he faces is when he meets the woman that resembles his mother, which makes him want revenge for his mother. This woman also makes him feel like a man after she senses a change in him, which moves her emotionally. He decides to see if he can find out who she really is by getting close to her. The film also has a moral at the end that you have to make hard choices in life, otherwise it is hard to get everything you want.

Who is the villain of the film ?

The villain of the film is Amleth’s uncle Edmund. He kills his father and kidnaps his mother, but then he puts on this mask of happiness and enjoyment. This made him a villain because he doesn’t care for anything else besides himself. The moral of the story is that you have to make hard choices in life, otherwise it is hard to get everything you want. First of all, Amleth has a choice to either kill his uncle or let him live. He lets him live, but then he has to kill someone else in order to prove that he can save people. When he saves this person, they tell him to come back and they will give him anything in return for saving their lives.

Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character in the film is Amleth. He loves the island, his parents  . And even his uncle Edmund who loves him more than anything else. He is loved by his uncle so much that he does not want to kill him . But Amleth loves himself more. The story reveals how Amleth’s emotions were changed as a child .  And how his mother died and he became a man. The climax of the film is when his friend is killed at sea by a dragon. Amleth has the power over life and death .  So she decides to take revenge by becoming a dragon .  And killing his friend’s killer.


Would you recommend watching this ?

I would definitely recommend watching the film because it is not a regular film about vikings  . And the story is really interesting to watch. It’s like a boy who has been waiting for 2 decades to get revenge .But instead of killing his uncle he ends up saving him. The film also has a great message of not making hard choices  . And you have to make your own choices in life. Thanks for reading !

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