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Pinocchio : Plot , Twist , Suspense , Action and everything you need to know .

The 1940 Disney film tells of an anthropomorphic marionette whose creator, Geppetto, wishes for him to become a real boy. His wish is fulfilled when he is given “breeches”, which progress from a straight piece of wood to the same shape as a human leg, and “trousers” or “pantaloons”, which progress from rags to cloth. In order to achieve the desired change in his appearance, Pinocchio must prove himself by being truthful and brave. He overcomes many moral issues before finally becoming a real-life boy. The film’s title character, named after the literary figure, Pinocchio, is an animated marionette who is purchased by a woodcarver named Geppetto for companionship. The two are very close friends and share a bed for most of the movie.

What is the plot of the story ?

The story involves Pinocchio and his living with Geppetto. The story starts out exactly the same way in each version of the movie. The puppets that see the movie start out amazed at this puppet show and think it is just amazing. Then a little boy from the audience grabs a hold of Geppetto’s nose and says “Pinocchio, you’re missing”. The owner of the puppet theater then comes out from hiding. The little boy keeps trying to grab on to Pinocchio’s nose, but he is being held down by two policemen who help him get away from him . The owner is displeased, so he calls out a blue fairy. The blue fairy tells him that the boy will never come back again.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Mel Blanc , Dickies Jones , Jun ius Mc Cahill , John T. Murray . Pinocchio is the main role, he is a puppet that Geppetto made come to life with some stolen fairy magic. Geppetto is the owner of Pinocchio and is a woodworker that made Pinocchio come to life. He also takes care of Pinocchio as if he were his real, human son. Jiminy Cricket is Geppetto’s conscience and helps Pinocchio in his adventures. He talks with Pinocchio throughout the movie and also helps him out. There were two other puppet characters:

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What are the difficulties they face ?

When Pinocchio is out with Jiminy Cricket, he comes across a pool hall. There are many boys playing pool there, and they allow him to play. He picks out a cue stick and tries to play some pool. Little does Pinocchio know that the whole point of this game is for the billiards to throw one another around in order to win the game. The boys try to get Pinocchio involved in the game by placing him in a corner. When he realizes this, he tries running away from them, but runs into another boy’s chest instead. The boy starts beating up Pinocchio and throws him against a wall.


What are the themes ?

The themes include The main theme of Pinocchio is the importance of telling the truth and keeping to good moral values. Apart from this, there are many other themes, though these vary with geographical location . The climax of the story involves Pinocchio being invited to Pleasure Island, a place full of fun and games. While Pinocchio is there, he gets distracted from playing and instead goes off to a small pub where he finds other boys his age. A horrible man named Honest John comes along with a deceased marionette called Gideon. He tells Pinocchio that if he can prove that he can be useful on Pleasure Island, then John will give him a ticket to get off the island. Jiminy Cricket realizes that this would be bad for Pinocchio and tries to discourage him from going along with John’s plan.

What message does it give ?

The message of Pinocchio is that it’s important to believe in yourself and seek your own path in life. Also, children need to be truthful and this is shown in the movie when Pinocchio tells Jiminy Cricket about his adventures. He admits that he may not have been completely honest, but Pinocchio was completely truthful. The end of the story involves a young man who falls from geppetto telling him that because of pinocchio they will always be young and don’t have to grow up like they should have to.


Would you recommend watching this ?

It’s because it’s a great classic movie that has wonderful characters and animation.  This is also entertaining and humorous. It’s very enjoyable to watch. Its a must watch for everyone . Thanks for reading !

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