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P- Valley Season 2 : Megan Thee Stallion is there to contribute her track .

Mercedes breaks down for Autumn about how she had lost her son . And was left with nothing but working at the club to provide for her family. Auntie Shauna tells Autumn that Mercedes spent over 20 years .  As an exotic dancer with Clifford at the establishment before they became owners together. Mercedes goes to the bank to reset her mother’s house alarm .  And finds out that Clifford had taken all the money from their savings and closed it. She confronts him about it at the club . Which causes a rift between them. Nea tries to talk sense into Mercedes after several men come inside of the Pynk, looking for “Autumn” but no one knew who she was or where she went. She finds out that Autumn is a human trafficking victim and Mercedes is helping her escape.

What is the plot of the story ?

Nea and Nova are close friends who ran away after being victims of human trafficking. Letty is the main antagonist of the series, who operates an illegal brothel and is an associate of Nea’s father. She is looking for Nea and Nova to return to the brothel. Lex tries to convince Letty to work with him and find Nea, Nova and Autumn because he wants Autumn as a dancer at his club. The main plot of this season is Nea’s relationship with Lex. Lex wants Nea to work at his club and again . he tries to convince Letty, who works as an associate of Nea’s father . to find her and bring her back to the club. On the other hand, Lex is trying to seduce Nea.

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Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Brandee Evans , Elarica Johnson , Nicco Annan , Nicole Fields , Demetria McKinney , Dee Nelson , Darielle “DJ” Hicks and Paris Harris . The cast is made up of seven main characters. Brandee Evans portrayed the role of Mercedes . Nicco Annan portrayed the role of Uncle Clifford, Elarica Johnson portrayed the role of Auntie Shauna, Nicole Fields portrayed the role of Nova and Dee Nelson portrayed the role of Lex.

What are the challenges they face in the series ?

One challenge that the characters face in the series is their relationship to each other. This is depicted very well in episode five “Measure of a Man” when Lex comes at the Pynk looking for Autumn hoping to get her into promiscuity with him. Lex knows that Mercedes has connections with human traffickers .  And lets her know that he will be able to provide her help as a dancer . Which she is reluctant to take. The overarching theme of the series is that human trafficking is not just happening to women and children . But men, as well.


Another theme is that anyone can be a victim of human trafficking even if they do not seem like it. Another theme is the relationship between family members, specifically mothers and their children. The series focuses on a human trafficking ring that has involved men . not just women.  Who are trafficked. The main character, Mercedes is depicted as struggling financially to support her family.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Letty is the antagonist of the series. She is Nea’s aunt and an associate of Nea’s father. Letty is portrayed as a ruthless woman who  also cares nothing about her workers or her customers. She has a very dark background and used to be in human trafficking. The goals of Letty are to get back at Nea’s father for sending his daughter abroad to be trafficked . And to make money by running an illegal brothel. The overarching goal is for her to blackmail  . Nea into keeping her promises not to tell anyone about Letty’s back story . Which involves human trafficking. Lex catches Nea and  also Nova out of the Pynk .  And he immediately wants to know how he can get them to work for him. He tells them about an upcoming fashion show  . That will be held at his club, which is where Lex does all his business deals. Nea has a confrontation with Letty .  Who is one of Nea’s father’s associates.


Would you recommend watching this ?

This show is very relevant to the times. It sheds light on human trafficking and how it affects both women and also  men. It gives viewers a chance to understand how human trafficking can happen to anyone. This show also encourages people . Who might be going through similar situations to come out of the shadows and seek help from loved ones or government agencies.
Its a must watch . Thanks for reading !

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