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Firestarter : Zac Efron says he almost lost his role due to its Teen idol status .

The world is slipping into chaos. The government is fighting the fires of revolution, first fueled by the economic meltdown and now burning hotter than ever with the arrest of Harvard Professor Nathaniel Laszlo. To combat these threats, a federal agency has been formed called the Firestarter Project, which aims to control people like Charlie – people with special abilities that can be used as weapons. Charlie’s father taught her how to diffuse her power – but as she turns 11, this becomes harder and harder to do.

What is the plot of the story ?

It is a post-apocalyptic film. It’s set in the year 2022 and takes place in the United States. Charlie is an 11 year old girl who possesses a gift, called fire-starters, that allows her to produce unlimited amounts of fire. She lives with her father and mother . Who are trying to hide her from the Firestarter Project . An organization which plans to use Charlie as a weapon. The movie follows Charlie as she tries to determine whether or not .  She should give into their demands or fight against them.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Zac Efron , Ryan Kiera Armstrong , Alexandra Daddario , Jessica Chastain , Robby Kiger , Jake Thomas .The role Zac Efron played in the film is that of Charlie, the main protagonist. In Charlie’s case, her ability to produce fire comes from a genetic anomaly. Her mother has a jewel in her navel that is supposed to be a birthmark and in their family history . It has been passed from generation to generation as something that can produce energy. In the beginning of the film, Charlie doesn’t fully understand what her gift is for and for most of the film she doesn’t fully understand  . What she’s capable of or what her destiny may be.

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What are the challenges they face ?

They have to hide Charlie from the Firestarter Project . An organization that is trying to capture her to use her as a weapon. On top of that, her mother and father have separate jobs, so they have to hide the fact that she’s a fire starter. They also have to worry about school bullies and how they’ll handle it; how they’ll deal with it if she were to switch schools. The film is focused on them dealing with their relationship with each other while also dealing with their daughter’s power and what happens when you’re confronted by something bigger than you ever imagined as a family.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Charlie’s father, because he taught the family to hide their abilities. He taught Charlie to never use her gift for anything .But her father is then recruited by the Firestarter Program. This creates conflict within the family because he’s hiding his true motives from them and this creates a lot of trouble among them . Because they’re trying to figure out what his true intentions are. The themes of the story are family, betrayal and also  love. The whole film is about a family who is in hiding. They’re trying to decide whether or not they should give up their daughter to an organization . Or whether they should fight against them. Each character has different views on this and it becomes complicated when each of them start getting pulled away from each other because of their jobs and other things because, for Charlie, every decision she makes impacts her mother and father.

What are the epic scenes ?

Charlie’s dad realizes that his superiors are not going to let him quit the Firestarter Program. He has dinner with his family and, after dinner is over . He goes out to their car and finds that it has been rigged with explosives. Ryan Kiera Armstrong plays the role of Charlie, who lives a very normal life with her mother in Texas and her father in Rhode Island. She also has a little brother named Peter (Rob Kiger). At the beginning of the movie . Charlie doesn’t understand that she’s being hunted by this organization called the Firestarter Program. She’s just a normal 11 year old girl who’s trying to make friends at school and learn how to control some of her abilities.


Would you recommend watching this ?

If you enjoy action films and/or thrillers, then I would recommend watching this. If you like movies that have a bit of romance thrown into them, then I would also recommend this movie. This movie is a great mix of action and mystery with elements of drama and romance throughout. Thanks for reading !

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