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Triangle of Sadness : Ruben Ostlund’ wins Palme d’Or at Cannes .

The movie “Triangle of Sadness” is about a model and her cleaning lady who are stranded on a desert island with a group of billionaires. The two models have to figure out how to survive the wealthy billionaires on the island. One model finds that the billionaires are very different from how they seem and the other model finds out the billionaires are not as it seems. “Triangle of Sadness” is not just a movie but it is a new classification of the group. The group would be classified as a society for adults with a limited past, limited future and restricted access to technology.

What is the plot of the story ?

The two models: Kelly and Danielle. Kelly is a model and Danielle is his assistant. The two are stranded on a desert island with the six billionaires. Kelly finds out that the billionaires are not as it seems and that they are very different from how they appear to be in society. The other model finds out that the billionaires have money but there lives will not be as it seems when she meets them. Kelly and Danielle are both trying to figure out how to survive the group on the island. They are both trying to survive but they have to figure out a way the escape off of the island since it is a desert island.

Who is in the cast ? what role did each character portray in the film ?

The cast include Charlbi Dean Kriek , Harris Dickinson , Jessica Gomes , Kendall Jenner , Jenner Conrad , Malaika Firth and Victoria Diab. Each of the actors that play a part in the film portray different personalities. Charlbi, Dean, Harris and Jessica were playing characters that were more feminine, while Jenner was a tough guy who did not back down. The females Kriek, Jenner, Malaika and Victoria portrayed characters with a more rough side. Conrad played the businessman who was older than all of them. The cast plays the roles well in their roles as each person has their own personalities in line with their character. The actors portray their sides well in order to make out their characters.

What are the challenges they face ?

The biggest challenge the cast faces is to be able to survive on the island. The biggest challenge is to keep everyone alive and make sure that everyone gets what they need and survive. The group’s past as well as their time on the island is very limited. They are stuck on an island with no way of getting back home but they will have memories from them being stranded on the island. The triangle indicates that there are three sides or corners to it. It also shows their relationships between each other in order to survive on the island.

The climax is all about the struggle between the group, Kelly and Danielle. Kelly and Danielle are both trying to figure out how to survive on the island. The two are arguing with each other to figure out how they can get off of the island and survive but they seem stuck on it.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is an important figure in the movie. The antagonist wants to benefit from the limited amount of time that they are on the island. This antagonist tries to come up with a way to get off of the island and benefit from it in the long run. This  antagonist is trying to figure out how to get both Kelly and Danielle off of their backs. The moral of the story is that money does not make you a better person and that you can be rich but your life can still be awful. It shows that you can have all of the money in the world.  But you are still not happy in your life. This movie also demonstrates how one person can change another persons life just by being nice to them or respecting them.


Would you recommend watching this ?

The movie is good and it is a great movie to watch. The movie has a bit of an action in it with some of the characters. It is not just a documentary but it is a thriller because there are some twists in the film such as when one person turns out to be really bad in the film. There are some violent scenes that may disturb you if you are younger than thirteen years old. Its a must watch . Thanks for reading !

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