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Jurassic Park 4 : Chris Pratt said he predicted that he would be in the film .

In 2015, the action-adventure film Jurassic Park 4 was released. The movie takes place in the year 2027. And centers around the theme park Isla Nublar which has recently been opened to visitors. The events of the film take a turn for the worse. When one of its genetically-engineered dinosaurs escapes its enclosure. In comes an ex-military animal expert by the name of Owen Grady to save the day. The geneticists on Isla Nublar have been hard at work. Using DNA from various species . They are able to create ultra-realistic dinosaurs  .That can be viewed by the public.

What is the plot of the story ?

The plot is based around two main characters. The first and most important one is Owen Grady .  An ex-military animal expert. He works at the Isla Nublar Dinosaur Preserve, a theme park featuring ultra-realistic dinosaurs. The other character is Claire Dearing, an operations manager for Jurassic World. She has been running the park for 10 years since the original Park was abandoned .  After numerous problems with the dinosaurs began to occur. The story begins with Owen returning to Isla Nublar to meet his four year old nephew. He brings along an educational kit from his nephew’s favorite dinosaur, the Velociraptor called “Blue.”

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Bryce Dallas Howard , Chris Pratt , Vincent . Paolo , Irrfan khan, Nick Joseph Thomas , Ty Simpkins , BD Wong , Jake Johnson , Omar Sy, Yifei Liu and Jake Busey. The cast of Jurassic World features Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio. Chris Pratt plays Owen Grady, who was trained as an animal caretaker, and is considered by Claire to be a brilliant geneticist. Owen struggles to survive in a chaotic world filled with dinosaurs that can walk again. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, the operations manager of Jurassic World and the daughter of John Hammond. Her job is to ensure that the park runs smoothly if disaster strikes.

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What are the themes ?

The themes in Jurassic World are clear. A major theme involves humans creating things and finding unintended consequences. This is referenced when Dr. Henry Wu talks about how these dinosaurs were created using DNA from other species, and how he sees this as a warning for the future for when humans create organisms that may not be fully understood (such as artificial intelligence). In terms of management, Owen Grady is a person who was trained to take care of animals and keep them safe from the outside world .


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist in Jurassic World is the big and dangerous Tyrannosaurus rex. These dinosaurs are aggressive and have been known to become violent when trapped in cages that do not fit their size. The T. Rex was the first species genetically engineered by the park’s founders to be out of its cage but was ejected from Isla Nublar and badly injured (though it is still alive). When it rescues its injured trailer .

And manages to get back onto the island, it kills everyone on Isla Nublar.  A major theme of the film is that there are people who try to put themselves above other people in society .The most loved character in the movie is Owen Grady. He is a good guy and their job is to care for the creatures at Isla Nublar. He wants to show everyone that these dinosaurs are not as bad as they seem and that they just want to protect them. Owen learns that he has more in common with the dinosaurs than he ever thought possible . Due to his trainings, and  also can’t bear to see a T-Rex die.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend watching this movie to everyone. It has a lot of action and adventure. It’s filled with drama, suspense, thrills and spills, and a bit of comedy too. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the film if you like dinosaurs and action-adventure films. Thanks for reading !

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