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Christian Hip Hop Artists on the Rise

Hip Hop Artists

Christian hip hop is one of the most incredible music genres to make it big in recent years.  Not only does it invite the listener to enjoy clean and family-friendly lyrics, but it also plays the rhythms that get your heart going and help you connect with the music further.

These are some of the fastest-rising Christian hip-hop artists in 2022 and what they’re doing for this awesome music scene. 

Why Christian Hip Hop Is So Popular

Hip hop is a genre of music that exists for young voices to exist and tells the story of how they connect with the world.  Christian hip hop came out of necessity when so many young people realized they wanted to use this voice to tell the stories of their connections with, and love for, their religion.

This is a powerful genre that moves your body and heart so that you’ll want to dance and give praise at the same time.  Although many of these artists are from the midwest, their sounds are a mix of both the east and west coast and offer insight into the lives they’ve led to getting where they are.


Each of these performers is quickly gaining popularity and is expected to be some of the top requested acts within the next five years. 


Nobody wants a one-note musician: and JohnBorn is anything but one-note.  Known internationally for his many styles of performance and his ability to paint while playing the piano and singing all at the same time, JohnBorn is a one-of-a-kind Christian hip hop artist that wants to show how he connects with his religion by using it to connect with the audience.  

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This young performer is used to having to prove herself, coming from a family with nine other kids.  In multiple bands, including The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ashley Hollander has proven herself time and time again as a skilled vocalist and one of the best up-and-coming Christian hip hop artists

Chief Wallace

Making her way out from the midwest, Chiffy Wallace is a proud female artist who’s working hard to make a space for herself in the very male-dominated world of rap and Christian music.  By refusing to let go of what she believes in and singing lyrics that have real meaning to her, she helps listeners connect with what she feels and how she experiences the world.  Chiffy is a one-of-a-kind performer that anyone should consider listening to. 


Leek Benji

Fantastic at keeping a crowd excited, Leek Benji mixes smooth vocals with the ability to weave stories into lyrics.  His confidence in his religion and ability to connect with anyone ensures that after hearing him sing once, it’ll change how you want to give praise.  Although Leek is a smaller artist, he’s quickly climbing the ranks in popularity and should be hitting the charts soon.  

Christian Hip Hop Is An Experience

Christian hip hop gives you the chance to connect with the music and your religion in ways that you may have never tried before.  Consider listening to some of these amazing voices soon.  

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