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Using a Company Car for Marketing and Advertisements

In today’s world, there are many ways that you can run a marketing campaign. But having a branded business vehicle could be one of the most effective. Experts have suggested that around 70% of motorists are positively influenced by advertisements on moving objects around them while on the road. These moving advertisements clearly refer to company-owned vehicles that don the name and slogan of the business to which they belong. It is also suggested that in urban areas it’s more than likely that the advertisement on a company car will be seen between 30 000 – 70 000 times per month. These numbers prove the effectiveness of using your company car for work and marketing purposes combined. But there’s more to consider when opting for this type of marketing.

The Costs Behind Advertising on Your Business Vehicle

Before the costs of advertising using a car can be determined, you need to decide what format the ad will take. There are a wide variety of different options and the prices of each vary. You need to consider the size of your vehicle, how large you want your branding to be, and what format it takes. All of these factors can contribute to the cost.

Car Wrapping

One of the most popular types of business vehicle advertising is car wrapping. There are various benefits to wrapping your car instead of painting it, including being able to add any pictures, words, and slogans. Another benefit is pricing, as wrapping is relatively cheap. Most wraps cost around $1500-$2000 and can be removed at any time.

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Complete Spray Job

Unlike wrapping, a spray job is not easy to remove and it’s often far more expensive. If you’re simply having a logo painted on it’s a good option but it’s also far more of a commitment. If you wish to sell your vehicle down the line, you’ll need to pay to repaint it.


Magnets or Stickers

The cheapest option by far, magnets and stickers are a very temporary and cheap way of branding your vehicle. However, they tend not to last very long and can start to peel or fade quickly. Ideally, you want branding that looks fresh and new, so unless you want to regularly update your magnets or stickers, these are not the best choice.

Points To Consider

It’s clear that the stats show that advertising on a business vehicle is a good idea, but you do need to weigh up some factors before you go ahead. One of the major points of consideration is that with a branded vehicle, your car and whoever drives it, is always a representation of the business. This means that they must behave appropriately, park properly, and avoid traffic infringements. Your car becomes an extension of your brand, and it needs to reflect your values. Other considerations are whether it will increase the chances of theft or whether it would make your clients uncomfortable. If these points are not concerning, then it’s definitely worth getting your vehicle branded and using it for advertising.

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