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How can college students cope with essay writing on technology development?

essay writing

The Internet has an uncountable number of examples of essays in English and is a real treasure trove for students who think, “if someone would write essays for me.” You can download them from a myriad of resources in a few clicks. But this algorithm is contrary to the very essence of essay writing. It is better to rely on your strength and take advantage of our tips. 

How an essay topic influences the preparation for writing

The essay has one great advantage — it practically has no requirements. This applies to both the design and content. Since it is, in its essence, the publication of the author’s thoughts on particular or several topics, and those requirements, which are put by the school, are elementary to follow. 

And yet this factually inclusive field for writing includes some recommendations which should be followed while writing the essay. They are able to help you think in the right direction and, as a result, produce good work.

First of all, it is necessary to identify the topic of writing. If it has already been specified earlier in the college, it is both advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. The pros are that you can already clearly understand what the text itself will be about and begin to gather the necessary information. Cons are in the fact that there is no space for selecting topics and self-determined solutions. Two variants are possible. Let’s look at them briefly.


In the first version of the development of events, you have the ability to choose a flexible line of thinking. You can also come up with the topic by yourself or resort to sources of inspiration such as Google or YouTube. But we recommend you to find the topic within yourself. Because this is the only way to have a really good idea, that is why this topic will really enrapture you, and you will want to express your opinion on this matter.

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But there is also room for your own opinion in the second variant (when the topic is already determined). Perhaps, the desire to publish ideas on this topic is not 100% strong, but it is unnecessary to bother and invent a bicycle. You only have to investigate the problem and begin to write.

In a situation where you are given a vector of thought — the development of technology — you can still choose a narrower topic that excites you. 

How to choose a topic about technological development?

Since an essay is small in size, you need to specify your topic. Technological development includes absolutely all industries, and you can turn to the sphere that is the most interesting for you. Here are examples of topics that you can use or transform at your desire:

  • Breakthrough technologies that are changing human development;
  • Can Artificial Intelligence change your lifestyle?
  • Technology: can they hurt or help you work?
  • Digitalization as a new reality;
  • What to expect from the rapid development of technology?
  • Robots are coming: the development of technology and the future without people. 

These are just a couple of options to choose from and inspire you a bit. You can dive into any field that interests or bothers you and find out how modern technologies have changed it. 

Essay structure on technology development 

Before you begin, we offer you a simple suggestion: write a plan. This can be a short but clearly structured part of the text. It is better to write one sentence for each paragraph and then expand the idea as you go along. 

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The text structure must have these three simple elements:

  • introduction;
  • body paragraphs;
  • conclusion.


The introduction is an important component in the structure of the story. In this part, the author defines the problem, which they put before themselves, trying to deliver to the reader how they approach the problem raised in the main part of the essay. The intro also provides a list of the main points and facts approached. The introduction should be as concise as possible and contain the key elements of the problem. 

Body paragraphs

It must contain all your ideas concerning the problem. The main part of the text is composed of the argument-proof link. You can’t talk about any phenomena or objects if you can’t explain them. It is necessary to divide the text into paragraphs in order to structure and present information logically. Only with the right structure of the text can you write a good article about technology development. 


It features the conclusions you have reached as you reviewed the topic. You need to summarize all the results of your thinking. Write the general statements previously covered in the introduction and explained in the main part. Use link words that help to indicate that this is the end of the story, and you will summarize everything you wrote earlier.


Things to avoid when writing a technology development essay

We decided to collect a list of the most unnecessary actions that can lead to an undesirable score in this block.

  • Download an essay on technology development from the Internet. This may be the first thought of more than every student, but it is not good. Your teacher can easily distinguish other students’ work from yours. They have experience in communicating with you, know how to use various anti-plagiarism software, and have years of teaching behind their backs.
  • Try to outsmart anti-plagiarism or add invisible characters. Every experienced teacher can also easily check this trick, so it is better not to play with it.
  • Do not follow the requirements of the college. For example, make a much smaller volume than necessary, or make a text a dry citation.
  • Write an essay on an entirely different topic. This is also not worth experimenting with. 
  • Submitting an illiterate paper. Poor vocabulary, punctuation mistakes, incorrect use of English — all these factors will inevitably lead to a fiasco. Make sure you edit your essay to perfection before submitting it. 
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