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Some lesser-known cowboy hat etiquette you must know

The cowboy hat is a particular item in the fashion industry that has become fashion rage. You will hardly find an individual not knowing this hat from the western to the eastern world. There are more and more buyers taking an interest in cowboy hats. However, wearing these hats is not the end of the game. There is more to the story. There is an entire list of rules and regulations you must keep in mind because they are critical in the way you look with a cowboy hat. Cowboy headwear is a personal and expensive item. It’s something you can pass down from one generation to the other. Hence, there are a few hat etiquettes to bear in mind if you want to ensure that every person wearing the hat looks stylish and impressive. 

Some baseline or standard points of hat etiquette

Do you know that cowboy hats resemble grit and hard work? Yes, it’s right. Moreover, there is more to cowboy headwear. There are specific regulations for wearing cowboy headwear. Wearing these hats is not easy. Hence, if you want to create the right impression, you must consider these points. 

When having a meal in a restaurant

When dining in a restaurant, there are a few points to bear in mind. These are as follows: 

  • When you enter the restaurant or building, the hat must come off. 
  • You may put the cowboy hat back on the head when you are inside the building. However, the point applies only to the informal occasion. In case of a formal event, it must stay off.  
  • When sitting for a casual meal, you may wear a cowboy hat. However, when you sit in a restaurant for dining, you have to take it off. 
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When you move forward to the table, you do not have to take your hat off. When you are eating, you can keep your hat on your head. 

Show respect

There are instances when you have to remove your cowboy hat to show respect and gratitude. These include the following: 

  • When you sing the national anthem, pledge allegiance and pass the flag. 
  • During prayer sessions and when you attend events in the church. 
  • When you meet an individual for the first time, especially an elderly one. 
  • When attending indoor weddings. 
  • When attending the indoor funeral and in a funeral procession. 

When you are a part of the funeral procession, hold the headwear in your left hand and put the right hand on your heart. Or, you may take the hat in your right hand and place it over your chest. 

The best way of wearing cowboy hats

Since you have discovered a lot about cowboy hat etiquette, it’s time to understand the different categories of cowboy hats. Remember that there are cowboy hats for every season. Hence, you can say that cowboy hats are in an all-season ensemble. The womens cowboy hats come from straw, felt and also leather. Felt headwear is used for the winter season to protect you from dampness and cold. On the other hand, straw cowboy headwear is ideal for summer because it protects you from heat and sun. 

Needless to say that the fashion industry has a lot to do with cowboy hats. Today, you have different categories of cowboy hats emerging in the market. The way you place it on your head says a lot about your sense of style and personality. Hence, you must know the different categories of cowboy hats coming, from straw to felt to leather. Straw headwear is better for warm weather, while felt hats are ideal for the colder months. You must know the purpose of each hat before spending your money on them. 

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Manage the cowboy hat


Some people remove a hat by the brim, but if you go by hat etiquette and best practices and tradition reveals that you must remove the hat by the crown. If you feel like adjusting the hat, you must place it by the crown and use the hat rack. When removing the headwear or changing it, never reveal the inside of the hat. The interior of the band of the cowboy headwear is only for you. Nobody else should know it. 

Go for the proper fit

Cowboy hats demand respect for the individual wearing it. When wearing cowboy hats, you must pay attention to the fit. Too big hats will only make you look clumsy and silly. On the other hand, too small caps will only add to your discomfort. You may wear cowboy hats when riding horses, working, plowing fields, doing laborious tasks, etc. Hence, it would help if you went for headwear that fits you well and does not come off. 

You must decide on the crease of the hat before purchasing it. You don’t have to go with specified crease styles but make sure that the hat shape goes with your face shape and style. You can go for quality headwear with an open brim when going for a customized look. 








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