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Remodel Your Kitchen Space to a Tropical Décor – The Essential Things to Consider

Your kitchen is an integral part of your house! And it’s only natural for you to want to decorate it well and give it a visual appeal. Today, homeowners take a holistic approach when they opt-in for home décor. And they love to spend time and their vital energy trying to find out what works best for their kitchen space. 

There is no rule for a kitchen renovation or remodel! If you aren’t happy with the way your kitchen looks, you can always give it a new look. Do you resonate with this? Do you want a kitchen décor that literally represents “permanent vacation”? If yes, then you should say yes to the tropical kitchen décor. 

The essence of the tropical kitchen décor

Not everyone gets this kitchen theme correct. The tropical kitchen is not just about placing a few vacation elements in your kitchen. That won’t be doing justice to the theme. Instead, you need to delve into it well and have a clear understanding about it. 

Therefore, to explain in simple terms, the best tropical kitchen or tropical kitchen décor usually represents a kitchen design that is airy and bright. Hence, it means an elaborate kitchen space is ideal for this décor. This décor theme brings vibrant and lively colors, ample plants, flowers, and stylish décor touches that hint at the tropical, relaxed lifestyle. That means when you are thinking about the faucet for this kitchen, you need to think clever and unique. It’s always best to opt-in for a gold hardware for the kitchen because it’s warm and adds an element of warmth to the kitchen space. 


The role of color in the décor

Color is a crucial aspect when it comes to tropical kitchen décor. Usually, the colors tend to vary from soothing whites to expressive oranges, olive green or dark green, and sometimes cream to bold accents of yellow and blue. The idea is to make generous use of colors that complement one another. It shouldn’t look like a riot of colors that make the kitchen space awkward and out of place. Most homeowners have white kitchen walls. If you want, you can opt-in for beadboard, a famous wall choice that reflects an impression of a vacation property or beachside cottage. 

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You can also look at the backsplashes, as it provides excellent scope for adding both artistic expression and color to your overall kitchen décor space. Additionally, the mosaics with popular themes such as sea life, palm trees, and the other fauna and flora are a considerable addition. It is more so when you add vibrant and bold accents for complementing a soothing and soft design theme. Simultaneously, the vibrant shaded tiles in almost any style that features blues, tropical greens, or turquoise can make your kitchen space even more dynamic. 

Get the correct lighting

The tropical kitchen décor usually features soft and subtle lighting. It complements the relaxed color scheme and adds more warmth to the vibe. The lights can also brighten the kitchen space. You can use the low-profile track lights along with the primary lights. Also, resort to the tropical-themed pendants, which can stay atop the stove, sink, and other cooking spaces. The LED lights and rope lights are also great additions. 

The overall elements of the décor

The overall tropical kitchen décor is all about getting a feel of the lazy beachside. Hence, the linens, placemats, and curtains can have sea life and seashell designs that are available in shades of greens, blues, and oranges. If you are planning to add in artwork, let it be of fishing themes, seascapes, and various seaside wildlife and exotic birds. 


You can even get home real seashells from the beach or market. 

The cabinets and the tropical kitchen space furniture are usually created from hardwood. You can use materials like bamboo, ebony, mahogany, and teak in some instances. If there is faded wooden furniture, it will add to the look. 

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Elements that add in a tropical kitchen vibe

Besides managing the décor, you can add a few elements that will add a tropical vibe to your kitchen. They include the following:

  • A flamingo table runner

When you add a flamingo table runner, you can bring the essence of Aruba to your kitchen space. It looks pretty and adds to the tropical flair. 

  • The cupcake toppers

Cupcakes add a cute and comfortable vibe to the kitchen space. You can set the holiday theme on when you bring home attractive-looking cupcake toppers. 

  • A pineapple cutting board

If you want a kitchen accessory that looks cool and chic, you should opt in for this cutting board. Choose a size that is neither too big nor too small. Also, choosing a board made of the bamboo wood is a good choice. 

  • The cute cookie cutters

Cookie cutters always look delightful and spell vacation like no other kitchen accessory! Also, you can choose the cookie cutters in multiple shapes, like a palm tree, pineapple, or even cactus. It looks both cute and fun. 

  • Pepper and salt shakers

Do you want to add more tropical flair to your kitchen space? If yes, go ahead and get a pair of funky pepper and salt shakers. Move beyond the matte black or white ones. Instead, experiment with contrasting colors. Choosing a stoneware ceramic material is a good choice, as it’s durable. 

  • Colorful towels

Your tropical kitchen space must have everything pretty but practical. Do you think what qualifies in this bracket? If yes, you can go ahead and say yes to towels. Get a set of four or six in different colors and use it. Choose a soft-dye yarn material if you want the towels to last long. 

  • The coconut candles
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Your kitchen space will have a foul smell sooner or later. Are you wondering how to tackle this? If yes, you can say yes to the coconut candles that are available online and in various scents, such as vanilla, patchouli, and even raspberry. Select the one you like best and make your kitchen space smell better. 

These are a few of the ideas that you incorporate when you want to create a tropical kitchen décor. 



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