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How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign with Printed Booklets

Printed Booklets

Print marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business. As much as digital marketing has its benefits, print marketing materials are tangible and create a lasting connection with consumers in a way that digital media does not. One of the most popular print marketing mediums is booklet printing because it is cost-effective. 

Running a successful marketing campaign is not an easy task. However, with careful planning and expert execution, you can increase the likelihood that you meet your marketing objectives. In this article, you will find out how to run a successful campaign with printed booklets.

Set a Marketing Objective

Before you create your print marketing materials, you must decide your objectives for the campaign. This will enable you to assign team members to suitable roles and provide clear instructions and support. For example, is your objective to create leads, brand awareness, boost retention or sales? The objective you choose will determine the type of print marketing you choose. For example, leaflets might be better at creating brand awareness, whereas booklets might help you make more sales. 

Determine Your Budget

Next, you must determine the budget for your campaign. Some marketing campaigns will cost more than others. Be mindful of roughly how many people you want to target and how much your chosen marketing medium costs. Once you’ve chosen your preferred medium, for example, booklets, consider contacting numerous booklet printing companies to get some quotes for the number of booklets you need to order to work out which company offers the best price. Also, consider the cost of any external help you’ll need, for example, graphic designers or freelance copywriters. Do some research to determine how much a graphic designer costs for the time you’ll require their services. 


Choose a Print Marketing Medium

There are several types of print marketing to choose from: leaflets, posters, business cards, calendars, newsletters, catalogues, and booklets are the most commonly used. All have their own merits, but for most businesses, one medium stands out from the others. Booklet printing is a highly effective way to communicate your company message to your target audience. It is a cost-effective print marketing medium that showcases your brand to prospective customers.

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Decide on Messaging and Content

Once you’ve determined the most suitable print marketing medium, you should decide on the message you’d like to convey to the target audience. Regardless of the medium you choose, your message will likely remain the same. For example, suppose you’re selling window cleaning services. In that case, your message is likely to be that you offer a cost-effective and friendly service to clients in your neighbourhood. After you’ve decided on the overall message of your marketing campaign, it’s time to decide on the content you’re going to include. If you’ve decided on a booklet, determine what you want inside. For example, will you create a product catalogue booklet, or would you like it to take the form of a newsletter? 

Write Clear But Concise Copy

Once you’ve made your decisions on messaging and content, it’s time to write some compelling copy that encourages customers to find out more about your business. If you don’t count yourself as a particularly talented writer, you may consider hiring help from an experienced freelance copywriter. The company you include inside your print marketing should convey your overall message clearly and concisely, as to not bore the reader.

Keep Designs Clear

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to print marketing materials is bad design. A functional design will engage readers, so they’re not distracted from your main message. Using strong, clear headings and distinct blocks of categorised text will enable readers to follow the logical flow of your booklet. A good booklet design will consist of a complementary colour scheme, consistent fonts, and areas of white space to break up the design. White space should not be feared—it helps to break up parts of the booklet, so the reader isn’t overwhelmed by masses of colour and text. 


Print Your Marketing Materials

Once you’re completely happy with the content of your booklet and its design, it’s time to send it to the printers. Thankfully, there are plenty of services that offer booklet printing online, which saves you precious time and money. The printing company will ask you about the orientation of your booklet, the size, the paper thickness, the paper type, the binding you’d prefer, the colour you’d like it printed in, how many pages the booklet will consist of, and how many copies you’d like to order. 

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Once you’ve provided this information, you’ll be provided with a quote and an estimated delivery date. Depending on how many copies you order, some booklet printing services will have your booklets ready within a couple of days.

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