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Drive My Car: Best Picture Nominee to stream on HBO Max soon.

The actor is a widowed man in his 60s. He’s gotten used to relying on himself, but he knows that isn’t always enough anymore- so when an old friend recommended the 20 year old girl as someone who could keep up with him and help out where needed.

What is the plot of the story?

The plot of the story is about an older man who hires a younger woman to help him out and keep up with him. He soon realizes that she is more than capable of doing just that and they develop a close relationship. However, when he begins to think about marrying her, his children object and try to convince him otherwise. Ultimately, it’s up to them whether or not divorce will happen at all.

What challenges do they face?

The first challenge they face is having to overcome their own prejudices. They both come from very different backgrounds and have never encountered anything like this before- so they will need time adjusting to it all. Secondly, the man’s children don’t want him marrying someone who isn’t a member of their family; thirdly, there are cultural differences between them- including language barriers which may hinder communication between each other.

What is the climax like?

The climax of the story is very tense as the couple face a lot of obstacles to their relationship. They must overcome not only their own personal differences but also those of their friends and family. It’s unclear whether or not they will be able to make it work in the end but it’s an exciting journey to watch them try.


What ratings did the film get?

The film has generally received positive ratings, with a few people commenting that it is predictable in parts. However, the majority of viewers seem to enjoy the story and find it heartwarming.

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What awards did it win?

The film was nominated for several awards, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards. It went on to win Best Picture and Best Actress at the Golden Globes. It also won several BAFTAs including Supporting Actor for Paul Dano’s performance as John Lennon.

What are the themes?

The film has several themes, including friendship and family relationships. One of the main themes is the importance of following your dreams, even if it means risking everything you have. It also reminds us to never give up on our hopes and dreams no matter how difficult life may seem at times because there’s always hope for something better tomorrow!

What message does the film give?

It’s a very inspiring film that gives hope to people who may be struggling in life. It teaches us that no matter how bad things seem, we should never give up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


What is the ending like?

I really liked the ending and found it very inspirational. It was sad to see everyone go their separate ways but I think it’s important for people not to get too attached because nothing lasts forever.”

Who is the most beloved character?

I think the most beloved character is probably Joe because he is so kind-hearted and always looks out for others. He never gives up on people, no matter how bad their situation may be. This makes him a very admirable person and someone that everyone can look up to.


Would you recommend this film for watching?

I definitely recommend this film for watching because it has a great story with memorable characters. It’s very touching and will leave you feeling happy and satisfied by the end.

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