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All of us are Dead: Actor’s talk about their possible character in season 2.

The students are trapped in a zombie virus outbreak. The school has become ground zero and there is no way out for them with only one door left open that leads into an abandoned building across town where they can wait until things die down or find another exit before getting eaten alive!

What is the plot of the story?

The students are trying to find a way out of the school that has been taken over by zombies. They know that they can’t stay there for long because the zombies are getting closer and closer. They also know that there is no way to get out without going through the zombies. Finally, they decide to go into the abandoned building across town. They hope that they can find a way out of there. However, the building is also filled with zombies. Will they be able to get out alive?

What are the main characters?

The main characters are the students at the school. They are Park Solomon, Cho Yi Hyun, Chan Yo Yoon, and Kim Sun-ah.

What are the main conflicts?

The main conflicts are between the students and the zombies, and also between the students themselves. They all want to survive, but they can’t always agree on what to do.


What are the big incidents?

The big incidents are when the zombies first start appearing, and when the students go into the abandoned building.

What are the challenges they face?

The challenges they face are the zombies and their own disagreements. They also have to find food and water in the abandoned building while they try to escape from the zombies.

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What difficulties did they face?

One of the difficulties they face is that they don’t all agree on what to do. Another difficulty is that there are a lot of zombies outside and it’s hard for them to get out safely. And another difficulty is that if any of their group gets bitten by a zombie, then he or she will become one too. So everyone has to be careful not to get bitten.

What is the climax like?

The climax is when one of their friend, who was bitten by a zombie earlier, comes back as one and tries to kill the others. But they all fight him off and finally manage to escape from the school building.


What are the themes of the series?

The themes of the series are friendship and sacrifice. The main characters have to make some sacrifices in order for them to survive. They also help each other out whenever possible so that they can all live through this situation together.

What is the ending like?

The ending is a bit bittersweet. They all make it out alive but one of their friends had to die in order for that to happen. They are also left with the knowledge that the world has become a zombie apocalypse and they will have to find ways to survive in this new world.


What do critics have to say?

Critics have said that it was an interesting take on the zombie genre and they liked how unique this show was compared to other shows in that same category. They also commented on how well written all of the characters were as well.

What ratings did the series get?

The series got mixed reviews. Some people loved it while others thought it was just okay. The ratings were decent but nothing too spectacular.

Would you recommend this show to other viewers?

Yes, I would recommend this show because of its unique take on the zombie genre and how well written all of its characters were. Plus it’s got lots of action which makes for an entertaining time.

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