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Snowdrop: South Korea Drama soon to Air on Disney Plus Hotstar.

An enduring love story in 1987 Seoul; Younger, a female university student, treats the bleeding Suho, a student attending a prestigious university, who one day jumps into a women’s university dormitory despite the dangerous situation.

What is the plot of the story?

The plot of the story is about Youngro, a female university student and Suho, a student attending a prestigious university. One day, he jumps into the women’s dormitory despite the dangerous situation. She finds him in an unconscious state and takes care of him.

She helps him recover from his wound and they fall in love with each other. However, their love is forbidden and they have to part ways.

Who is in the cast?

The main cast of the drama is Jung Hae In, Jisoo, Kim Mi soo, Yoo-In na, Kim Sang-ho and others.


What role did each character portray?

Jung Hae In portrayed the role of Suho, a Korean man who is in love with Youngro. Jisoo is the female lead character named Youngro. She is a student at a prestigious university and she falls in love with Suho. Kim Mi soo played the role of Eunyi, Yoo-In na played the role of Seol, Kim Sang-ho portrayed the character of Bond, and others.

What are the challenges they face?

The challenges that they face are mainly due to the fact that their love is forbidden. They have to part ways and go their separate ways. However, their love for each other never fades away.

What do critics have to say?

Critics have said that the drama is very well-made and that the cast did a great job in portraying their characters. They also say that it is a must-watch for all fans of romance dramas.

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What are people saying on social media?

People are saying that they are eagerly waiting for the next episode and that they cannot wait to see what happens next. Some people are also shipping the characters and hoping that they will end up together in the end.


What ratings did the drama receive?

The drama has received high ratings from both viewers and critics alike. Many people are calling it a “must-watch” drama and are praising the cast for their amazing performances.

What are the themes of the drama?

The themes of the drama include love, friendship, and betrayal. These are all very common themes in romance dramas and should be interesting to watch.

What message does the drama give?

The message of the drama is that love can conquer all obstacles and that there is always hope for those who believe in it.

What is the ending like?

The ending is Bittersome, Suho dies by trying to save Youngro.In the end, Youngro is seen listening to an audiotape made by Suho.


What are some memorable moments?

Some memorable moments include when Youngro first sees Suho and falls in love with him, and when Suho sacrifices himself to save Youngro.


What awards did the drama get?

The drama won several awards including “Best Actor” at the KBS Drama Awards, and also received a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress”.

Is it worth watching?

Yes, it is worth watching if you like romantic dramas with a twist of tragedy. It’s also good for those who are looking to learn more about Korean culture and history through music while enjoying an entertaining story at the same time!

Who is your most loved character?

Youngro is my most loved character because she’s very cute and innocent. She has a big heart that can feel pain but also love for her family, friends and Suho even though things don’t always work out in the end like they should have been done from the start.

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