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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Marketing

Almost all marketing is now done with ones and zeros and whether you run a coffee shop or a drugstore, you need to create a strong online presence. We are assuming that you already understand the importance of digital marketing and before you start looking for SEO agencies, here are a few digital marketing mistakes that you need to avoid.

  1. The Blanket Approach – Some business owners mistakenly think that they should throw money at this and explore every possible avenue; while that might be successful, you’ll have wasted a lot of money in the process. The right way to approach online marketing is to contact a leading digital marketing agency and ask them to assess your online profile and help you to set some marketing goals. A directed approach that includes search engine optimization and social media would produce the desired results.
  2. Ignore cyber-security – Let’s not forget that there is an ever-present threat to every user and organization that connects to the web and with the help of a local managed IT services provider in Houston, your data is safe from hackers. While we only hear about the major hacks, small-time hackers are committing cyber-crimes all day long and the FBI have their hands full dealing with the many victim reports.
  3. No research – Let’s take search engine optimization as an example; if you don’t research to determine the most popular search terms used by consumers in Google’s search engine, then you won’t be able to insert those search terms into your content. The SEO agency can discover the top search terms used when people are looking for your products or services and these can be inserted into key locations on your website, helping Google to recognize your platform.
  4. Not going the distance – If you are expecting to see results in the first couple of weeks, you might decide to stop the SEO budget and divert that money to something else. If we are to be realistic, it could take a couple of months to see the results of good SEO and due to the ever-changing nature of the web, SEO work needs to be ongoing, especially if you want to retain a high Google ranking. Here is some business goalsetting advice.
  5. Choosing the first agency you find – This is basically pot luck and that’s not a wise way to go about finding the best digital marketing agency; do your homework and read all the client reviews, while paying attention to their client list, which should contain some well-known brands. If the agency has experience in your industry, so much the better.
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Digital marketing is a specialized industry and once you partner up with a local provider, your business will reap the rewards of directed campaigns that drive traffic to your website. If you need help in checking on a particular company, the US government has some free resources that you can use to verify the business in question.

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