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An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Cheer Season 2.

What is the series about?

Cheer Season is all about a group of friends who come together to form a cheerleading team. They work together to tackle various challenges and compete in different competitions. Throughout the series, the characters face new obstacles and learn more about themselves and each other. This season is sure to be just as exciting as the first!

What are some of the challenges they will face?

This season, the cheerleading team will face a number of challenging tasks. They’ll have to learn new cheers and dances, and compete in difficult competitions. They’ll also have to deal with the drama that comes along with being a team of friends. Will they be able to overcome these challenges?

Who are some of the characters we will see?

The cast of Cheer Season includes a number of fun and interesting characters. We’ll see Brooke, the team captain and a senior at the school. We’ll also meet her best friend and fellow cheerleader, Summer. Then there’s CJ, the new guy on the squad who is trying to fit in. And finally, we have Lizzy, the resident drama queen.

What can we expect from this season?

Cheer Season is sure to be a perfect pick for fans of reality TV shows. Each season follows the same format as The Real World or Jersey Shore, but with one major difference: none of the characters are actors. Instead, they’re all students at an actual high school in Florida.


What is the climax?

The climax of season two will be the cheerleading competition. The girls have been training hard all year and now they need to prove that their efforts were worth it! Brace yourself for the drama and surprises that are sure to come.

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What is the resolution?

The season ends with Becca taking home a win at nationals! She’s so happy she can’t stop crying, but it looks like this might be her last year as captain of the cheerleading squad.

Which is the best scene in the series?

The best scene in the series is when Becca and Sabrina are gossiping about a cute boy. They’re making really funny faces that make you feel like they were actually talking to each other!

What are the new characters in Season Two?

Sabrina’s dad! He wants to get involved with his daughter and make sure she isn’t doing anything wrong. But he doesn’t know that Sabrina has been working hard on her cheerleading skills all year long without him knowing it.


What are the merits and demerits?

The merits of the show are that it’s very funny and entertaining. The demerits are that some people might find it offensive because of all the stereotypes in it.

Do you have a favourite character?

My favourite character is Becca because she’s really relatable and down-to-earth. She doesn’t let anything get to her and she’s always there for her friends.


What do you think will happen in the next episode?

I think Sabrina is going to try out for the cheerleading team and she’s going to be really good at it. But her dad is going to get really mad when he finds out what she’s been doing behind his back.

How is the ending of the series?

I think the ending will be happy because Sabrina is going to cheer in her first game and she’s going to get along with her dad again.

In your opinion, is the series going to have a season three?

I think it’s possible for there to be a third season but I don’t know if Netflix will renew the show. If they do make another season then hopefully Sabrina and Harvey get together!

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