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The Ultimate Guide to Batwoman Season 3.

What is new in this season ?

In the new season of Batwoman. Viewers will see more of the past of Kate Kane and how she became a vigilante. In addition to this, they will also be introduced to her family. There are many new characters being introduced in this season as well as some from other DC Comics series such as Gotham City Sirens and Young Justice. We will get to see the first time Kate and Maggie met.

The character of Jake Kane is being introduced in this season. As well, he is a military guy who has been trained from childhood by his father and was sent on missions from age 15. In addition to that we will also be seeing some other villains such as Facilitator which shows that Batwoman is not the only superhero in Gotham.

Who is in the cast?

The main cast of the show will be Ruby Rose as Kate Kane / Batwoman, Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore and Campus Johnson who is playing Luke Fox. Other than that we have Rachel Skarsten playing Alice, Dougray Scott playing Jake Kane, Elizabeth Anweis playing Maggie Sawyer (who was introduced in season two) .

Kate Kane is the daughter of a military general and his husband who was sent on missions from age 15. She becomes Batwoman after they both die in a terrorist attack. She has been through extreme trauma that she still deals with today but she won’t give up as her father always told her to ‘be strong’.


What difficulties does she face?

She is the only other person who knows about Batwoman’s identity. And she helps her out on missions but also has to keep it a secret from everyone else. Katherine Kane / Kate grew up in an extremely conservative military family. Which meant that she was taught not to have any sexual or romantic feelings for anyone at all. This was difficult for her when she first met Batwoman / Alice and developed strong feelings for her.

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Who is the antagonist?

The main antagonist in Season three is Alice (the original Batwoman). Who is seeking revenge on Kate and Batwoman for taking her away from Gotham? There are also other antagonists throughout the season, such as mercenaries hired by Alice, as well as a new villain called The Dregs.

What is the protagonist’s goal?

The protagonist’s main goal in this season was to stop Alice from destroying her life and bring her back home. However, Batwoman later learns that she has become a personification of ‘ The Dregs ‘ , which means that if it is killed then everyone who believes they are stronger than they are will die.

What is the theme of this season?

The theme of Season three is family . Kate deals with her complicated relationship with Alice, as well as trying to repair her dysfunctional relationship with her mother.


What are the conflicts of this season?

The main conflict in Season three was Kate’s fight to save Gotham from Alice, which results in a loss of family, and friends that she is unable to reverse. Despite defeating Alice, Batwoman finds out that there are even more threats that will destroy everyone she loves.

What ratings did the series get?

The ratings for the series were good. The first episode of season three scored a .84 in adults 18-49 and total viewership was up 13 percent from last year’s premiere.


Would you recommend this season?

I would recommend this season. The main conflict was interesting and kept me hooked throughout the season. I also liked how the relationships between the characters were explored more in-depth. However, I felt that some of the plot lines could have been wrapped up a bit better. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable season.

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