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Starstruck’ Season 2 : The Essential Guide.

What is the show about?

The show is a competition for young aspiring actors and actresses. Contestants go through different challenges and tasks until one is crowned the ultimate star.

Who is hosting the show?

The host of Starstruck’ Season two is Jolina Magdangal. She is a well-known actress and television host in the Philippines.

Who are the judges?

The council was composed of Joey de Leon, Christopher de Leon and Louie Ignacio. There were slight changes made in the Council, Joyce Bernal was replaced by Louie Ignacio.

How many episodes are there in season 2?

There are 96 episodes in season 2.


Who are the winners in season 2?

The winners in Season Two are Mike Tan and Ryza Cenon as the Ultimate Survivors.

Which is one of the hardest challenges they faced?

One of the hardest challenges they faced was dancing. Ryza Cenon, in particular, had a hard time with this challenge. Some of the additional challenges include having limited resources at home, being away from family and friends, as well as developing new friendships.

What is the prize for winning season two?

The prize for winning Season Two is 500 thousand pesos and a one-year contract with GMA Network.

What are the challenges in Season Two?

Some of the challenges in Season Two include a singing challenge, a dancing challenge, and an acting challenge. There are also physical challenges as well as mental challenges. Contestants will also have to face some surprises along the way. One of the biggest challenges was when one contestant had to go against a relative in order for him/her to remain on Starstruck.


Who were the contestants?

The contestants in Season Two were Ryza Cenon, Joyce Ching, Kris Lawrence, Miguel Tanfelix, and Bea Binene.

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Which was one of the best episodes?

One of the best episodes in Season Two was when Kris Lawrence performed a song with his mom.

What were the signature dances?

The signature dances in Season Two included the Chocolate, El Biro-Biro, Don’t You Just Know It, Follow The Leader, Bop It, Rock It.

What do critics have to say about the Starstruck’ show?

Critics have a lot of praise for the Starstruck show. They say that it is one of the best talents shows on Philippine TV.


What ratings did the tv show get?

The show’s ratings did really well. It even got a 47% rating.

Who were the runners up in the competition?

The runners up in the competition were CJ Muere and LJ Reyes.

What were the themes of the tv show?

The themes of the TV show were music, dance and comedy.

What was one major change from last season to this season for ‘ StarStruck’?

One major difference between last season and this one is that there were no eliminations.


Some of the merits and flaws in the tv show?

Some of the merits of the show are that it is entertaining and well-produced. Its flaws, however, are that the contestants can be quite scripted at times.

Do you think ‘ StarStruck’ Season Two was a success?

I think ‘Starstruck’ Season Two was a success. The ratings were good and the contestants were entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next season.

Is there a season 3?

There is no season three as of now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to do another one. The ratings were good and the contestants were entertaining, so it would make sense for them to continue the show.

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What are your thoughts on ‘Starstruck’?

I think ‘Starstruck’ is a fun show. The contestants are oftentimes quite scripted, but it’s still entertaining to watch. I’m glad they decided to do a season two and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.


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