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Flee : The most awaited documentary animated movie to hit the theatres soon!


Flee is an upcoming animated documentary film that will be released in the theatres soon. The movie tells the tale of the main protagonist Amin Nawabi who is about to get married to marry his husband. But he has to share the deepest secret of his hidden past as a refugee in Denmark fleeing from his home country Afghanistan. Flee was awarded Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner this year. The animation in the trailer gives us an idea of the storyline. Flee is about a boy who flees his home country Afghanistan in search of safety and freedom in Denmark. The Hollywood Reporter called the movie ” A Powerful Memoir” of personal struggle and self-discovery. Watch out for this movie Flee and find out why Flee is highly praised. Stay tuned to know more details about the movie.

What is the exact theatrical release date of the movie Flee?

The movie is set to release on December 3, 2021.

Cinema Eye Honors Announces 2021 Nominees: 'Flee,' 'Summer of Soul' -  Variety

What is the storyline of the movie Flee?

The movie follows the story of Amin Nawabi who has to reveal the biggest secret of his life as a refugee in Denmark. He has to flee his home country Afghanistan. Amin Nawabi is about to marry his husband. It is a painful secret he has hidden for 20 years that might derail the life he built now and his marriage.

Is the trailer of the movie released?

Yes, an amazing clip of animation has been released on the official Neon YouTube channel.


What can viewers expect from the upcoming movie?

The movie is an animation work of art that discusses issues around refugees in a very simple yet powerful way. They can expect the movie to be a heart-warming story about an Afghan refugee boy and his journey from Afghanistan to Denmark.

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Does the movie focus on the life of refugees?

Yes, the movie is expected to focus on issues around refugees in a very sensitive yet powerful way that will leave you with goosebumps at times.

Does the Flee trailer give us an idea of what we should expect from this animated documentary film?

Yes! The audiences are very curious about what they would see in theaters once the movie has been screened. Many people have watched trailers of movies before deciding whether to go ahead with it or not since that gives them a good insight into what kind of theme it covers.


Who can watch the movie?

Flee is a movie that would appeal to the young and old. Flee has been rated PG-13 which means it is inappropriate for children under age 13.

Is the movie worth watching? Is it necessary or essential?

Yes, Flee would be an interesting movie to watch. Flee is a good family movie with drama and suspense. Flee also has some moments that are moving as well as tearjerker scenes which makes the movie worth watching.

Why do I recommend watching the movie?

I highly recommend watching the movie because the movie has everything that is needed to make a good movie. The movie is expected to keep the audience engaged with its suspense, drama, and moving moments throughout the film. It has won many awards which itself shows its popularity. I recommend watching Flee because it has everything that makes up a great deal in making this one so special and worthwhile to watch again and again.

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