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Bob’s Burgers Season 13 : Will be releasing on FOX in 2022!

Bob's Burgers Season 13

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 is the upcoming season of Bob’s Burgers. It will be airing on FOX in 2022. Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom that was created by Loren Bouchard and airs on Fox Broadcasting Company, with its first eleven seasons having aired from 2011 to2021. Bob’s Burger follows the Belcher family- Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise- who run a hamburger restaurant together. Season 12 of the series is still premiering. However, fans were anticipating season 13. Because they have not heard about Bob’s Burgers Season 13, I am writing this blog post. It is my hope that it will provide Bob’s Burger fans with the information they seek regarding Bob’s Burgers Season 13 release date and renewal status.

Does Bob’s Burgers Season 13 happen? Is it officially renewed?

Yes, Bob’s Burgers Season 13 has been confirmed by Bob’s Burger creators. The first eleven seasons have already aired from 2011 to 2021. So Bob’s Burgers fans are anxiously awaiting their favorite characters’ return for Season 12 which started airing on September 26, 2021.

What is the exact release date of Bob’s Burgers Season 13?

Bob's Burgers on FOX: cancelled? season 13? - canceled + renewed TV shows -  TV Series Finale

There is no exact Bob’s Burgers Season 13 release date yet. Bob’s Burger is a weekly series airing on FOX, so Bob’s Burgers fans can expect the next season to air between September 2021 and May 2022. A feature film based on the series is set to release on May 27, 2022.

Who are the characters in Season 13?

  • Bob Belcher
  • Linda Belcher
  • Tina Belcher
  • Gene Belcher
  • Louise Belcher
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What is the storyline of the series?

Bob Belcher owns his own restaurant called Bob’s Burgers with help from his wife Linda and their three kids Tina, Gene, and Louise. They often end up helping him out as well. The family lives above the studio which has been converted into an apartment by adding some extra rooms for them to live comfortably together. Despite living above a restaurant that does not make much money due to Bob being less than great at running it. However, he tries really hard to make his business successful! In fact, one of my favorite Bob’s Burgers quotes comes from Bob himself when he says “I really wish I was good at something. But, nothin’ doin’.”

What is the expected plot of Bob’s Burgers Season 13?

It's Time to Stick a Fork in Bob's Burgers - Paste

The storyline of the upcoming series is kept under wraps. As season 12 is still premiering, the creators have not revealed any news about the upcoming season. However, fans can expect to see Bob and his family continue their daily adventures in Season 13!


The number of episodes of season 13

This season is expected to have a total of 22 episodes just like the previous seasons with one episode per week that airs every Sunday night during its run.

Why am I an ardent fan of this series?

I have always loved watching cartoon shows even when I was young. So it wasn’t much difficult to fall in love with the series! But there are many other reasons why I think you should watch Bob’s Burger too which include: The show takes a look at Bob and his family as he tries to make a living by running the restaurant. You may think that it is not much different from other animated series but there are many reasons why I think you should watch Bob’s Burger. Let me share one of my favorite episodes which made me love the show even more! In this episode, Bob finds out that there is a food critic disguised as a customer. The family has to impress him for positive reviews. Each scene of the episode was very hilarious.

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Is Bob’s Burger worth watching?

Yes, the series is worth your time. It has all the elements you look for when choosing an entertaining and funny cartoon series: interesting characters and storylines, excellent humor, relatable life lessons and morals, good acting by talented voice actors. It is one of the best adult comedies ever. The series has won many awards and it got much praise from critics as well.

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