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Love After World Domination : Release date and other details!

Love After World Domination

Love After World Domination is a manga series that has been published by Kodansha in 2019. What makes me excited is that it is released in 2022. The series is written and illustrated by Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu respectively, Love After World Domination was available in Monthly Shōnen Magazine from October 2019. It follows the story of Fudo and his Desumi with whom Fudo falls in love with. The character design and plot of the series in the magazine are very impressive. Love After World Domination is a very good story and it has been praised by many readers.

The artwork used for Love After World Domination manga may not be similar to that which we see on television or via anime streaming sites. Love After World Domination’s release date and other details can be found on our website!

What is the exact release date of Love After World Domination?

We don’t know the Love After World Domination release date yet. But it will be released in 2022.

Love After World Domination Anime Gets New Visual, Additional Cast

What is the expected Love After World Domination release date?

The series is expected to be released in early 2022. But there is no official confirmation yet.


The characters of the series Love After World Domination

  • Fudo Aikawa
  • Desumi Magahara
  • Kiki Majima
  • Kyoko Kuroyuri
  • Anna Hojo
  • Hayato Ojino
  • Misaki Jinguji
  • Daigo Todoroki

What is the storyline of the series?

The series revolves around two characters Fudo and Desumi. Desumi is the nemesis of Fudo but he admires the feminine side of Desumi. He falls in love with her without the knowledge of her minions. The courtship between the two is a struggle. But the series tries to make us understand that love between a good guy and a bad girl does work.

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What can we expect from the upcoming series, does it have the potential to be great or will it fail at creating an impact on its readers?

Love After World Domination Anime Reveals PV, Cast, Staff, 2022 Debut

The series has a decent storyline with amazing illustrations of the characters. The series is expected to have an impact on its readers. The art value of the series in the magazine is quite high and the story is interesting. The series was popular enough to get a live-action movie adaptation. I recommend watching this anime for those who love supernatural romance stories like Devilman: Crybaby (2018) and Sailor Moon (1995). It can also serve as an eye-opener about how true love conquers all even when you are defeated by your enemies.

What is my take on the upcoming series?

The upcoming series Love After World Domination is a heart-warming manga that revolves around the complexities of love after world domination. Hiroshi Noda has written many romance titles that have been well received by fans. This just goes to show how good he really is at writing such stories. The artwork used for the upcoming series manga may not be similar to that which we see on television or via anime streaming sites. But it doesn’t make the plot any less interesting.

Is the series worth watching?

Yes, Love after world domination is definitely worth checking out! It has an interesting storyline and characters which will make you crave more of it until the end of the series. We highly recommend this new manga adaptation!

Why do I recommend watching the series?

I recommend the upcoming series because it has a great storyline and interesting characters. The series will have a romantic twist that will make you want to watch the next episode until it ends. The reason why the series is worth choosing over other love after stories are because Hiroshi Noda gives his own unique touch when writing about Fudo Desumi’s love story.


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