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Who Framed Roger Rabbit : Releasing soon on Blu-ray!!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a classic movie that will soon be released on Blu-ray. This 1988 American live-action/animated comedy-mystery film directed by Robert Zemeckis has been remastered with state-of-the-art technology and will be available for purchase in stores near you. Who Framed Roger Rabbit stars Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer (who voiced Roger), Stubby Kaye, and more! Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an audience favorite movie. It has been 33 years since the movie was released. Who Framed Roger Rabbit tells the story of detective Eddie Valiant who must investigate the murder of a wealthy businessman and why Roger Rabbit is framed for the crime. Who Framed Roger Rabbit will be available on Blu-ray soon. Check out this hilarious film before it’s too late!!

When will the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit be available to watch on Blu-ray?

The movie will be available to watch on Blu-ray on December 7, 2021.

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Who stars in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Who plays these characters?

Bob Hoskins plays Detective Eddie Valiant. Christopher Lloyd plays Judge Doom/Doom’s double. Charles Fleischer voices animated character Bob Hoskins as well as cartoon rabbit. Who Framed Roger Rabbit aka “Rabbit”; Stubby Kaye played Marvin Acme, owner of Toontown; Richard LeParmentier played Lt Santino, a police officer working with Judge Doom to catch Roger Rabbit.

What is the storyline of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The movie tells the story of Toon Roger who suspects his wife of being unfaithful to him because of her affair with Marvin. To find this Roger hires a detective  Eddie Valiant. But Marvin is murdered and Roger is accused of the murder. Eddie Valiant has to exonerate Toon Roger from this accusation.


What is the audience expecting from the movie?

People were excited about seeing an unusual mix of animation with live-action. The audience was also probably looking forward to another great performance by Bob Hoskins who played Eddie Valiant. He is a detective trying to solve a murder case while being distracted by his hatred towards Toons after witnessing one murdering his brother.

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What makes the movie unique?

The movie is unique because it mixes live-action with animation. It is also remarkable because it was the first movie to do so. It is one of those movies that would not have been possible without advances in special effects and animation technology. This makes this film truly unique.

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How popular was the movie?

It was a box office hit when it first came out. It is one of the beloved movies of all time that has been watched over and over again. The movie was loved by both children and adults. It has won multiple awards over the years for its great writing, voice acting, sound effects, directing among other things like special effects.

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Is the movie worth watching?

The film is very enjoyable to watch because of how different yet funny it is. The movies offer an exciting story that mixes comedy with action perfectly while mixing in some unpredictable events as well making it a must-watch film! Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a must-see for everyone even if they are not familiar with the animation characters. Since all of them were really well used in order to make everything flow smoothly throughout the whole movie. This movie is also great for kids who will love talking cartoon animals.

Why do I recommend watching the movie?

It is because I liked how the movie develops its plot. The movie is a classic movie because of its characters and how it is well developed. It will not disappoint you because the movie was one of the first movies that combined live-action with animation. It still holds up today as one of the most inventive comedies ever made. The film has everything you need in an animated feature: colorful characters, wild slapstick humor, hilarious dialogue, touching emotional scenes – all wrapped together by a mystery storyline.

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