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Blown Away Season 3 : Releasing soon on Netflix!!

Blown Away Season 3

Blown Away Season 3 is a Canadian reality glassblowing competition television series, which has been renewed for its third season. The show will be released on Netflix soon. The show is hosted by Nick Uhas and features a principal judge. However, other judges of the show are replaced season after season. The number of episodes that Blown Away Season 3 consists of are not yet confirmed. But it’s worth noting that Blown Away Season 2 had 10 episodes with each episode being 23 minutes long.

Blown away is an exciting show to watch as it offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at glass blowing from some of the world’s most talented artists. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what can you expect from Blown away season three.

Will there be Blown Away Season 3? Is it officially renewed by Netflix?

Yes, Blown Away Season Three has been officially renewed by Netflix. It is an amazing show where we can see talented artists from all around the world competing with each other.

Blown Away Season 3 Release Date, Will There be a New Season in 2021 or  2022?

What is the exact release date of Blown Away Season 3?

The show is set to release on Netflix on November 19, 2021.


Who will be the host of Blown Away Season 3?

Nick Uhas is expected to be the host of Blown Away Season Three. He has been the host since the very first season. The Principal Judge of the show will be Katherine Gray.

What is the exact number of episodes in Blown Away Season Three?

Blown away season three will have ten episodes just like its previous seasons.

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What is the format of the show?

Each Season has ten glassblowers as contestants. The artists are given tasks in each episode that they should complete before the time runs out. The tasks include creating decorative bottles and making expensive articles. One contestant will be eliminated in each episode. In the final season, two contestants will be there to compete with each other. The winner will be getting a cash prize of $ 60000 and an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. The winner of the first season was Deborah Czeresko while Elliott Walker was the winner of the second season.

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What can we expect from the upcoming show?

Blown Away Season 3 Expected Soon! Don't Miss These Latest Updates

We can see highly talented artists compete with each other. Blown Away is already a very popular show, so another season will be loved by the audience. Blown away season will be having ten episodes and the series last for 23 minutes each episode. The contestants are judged by Katherine Gray alongside two other judges whose names haven’t been revealed yet. Blown Away Season Three consists of artists who have earned recognition in their fields, but aren’t necessarily household names just yet. So not only do viewers get a look at what it’s like, inside one of these giant hot shops, they also get all kinds of unique insight into the lives and careers of some truly talented artisans.

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What makes the show unique?

Each week on Blown Away, artists must create one piece that’s not only beautiful but also functional. Contestants must take their inspiration from unlikely sources and work under pressure to meet tight deadlines. They have to remain calm (and safe!) at all times. Because if they break any rules or damaged equipment before time runs out, it could mean immediate elimination!

How popular is the series?

It is the biggest show on Netflix Canada. Blown Away has millions of views all over the world, It’s a very popular series for people who love watching Reality TV shows. Blown away season one started in 2019. But was renewed by Netflix and now it will release its third installment this November.


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Is the series worth watching?

Yes, Blown Away is definitely worth watching. If you are a huge fan of reality series, Blown away is the perfect show for you to binge on during your free time!

Why do I recommend watching the series?

Blow Aways makes great use of slow-motion shots. So if you’re into something new or want to try out how glassblowing looks like- Blown Away guarantees nothing but fun with every episode!

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