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Growing Belushi season 2 : Release date and more!

Growing Belushi season 2

Growing Belushi season 2 is a reality television show that has been on the Discovery Channel, It’s time for Growing Belushi season 2 to come back! Growing Belushi season 1 was awesome and Growing Belushi season 2 will be even better. To make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve got more details about the upcoming show Growing Belushi. The series features how actor Jim Belushi runs his Cannabis Farm and sells its products to benefit patients and consumers. His farm is in Southern Oregon and viewers can have access to the products.

When will Discovery Channel premiere Growing Belushi season 2? Is it officially renewed?

Yes, Growing Belushi has been renewed for Growing Belushi season two. Discovery Channel will release Growing Belushi season two in late 2021 or early 2022(estimated).

When will the series Growing Belushi season 2 be released?

Growing Belushi is renewed for season 2. View Latest Status for Season 3

We don’t know the exact Growing Belushi release date on Discovery Channel, but we can say Growing Belushi season two will be released in late 2021.

What is the series all about?

Belushi is the owner of a cannabis farm. The show follows him as he educates viewers on growing techniques, harvesting, and curing marijuana, with an emphasis on organic farming practices. It also focuses on his personal journey as a farmer. Growing Belushi gives audiences insight into the entire process from seed to sale for both medical and recreational use. We can expect Growing Belushi season two to be about Jim continuing educating people about growing weed but this time we can expect more of it will focus on CBD oil or cannabidiol.


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What did season one focus on?

Growing Belushi follows the daily activities of Jim, his family, and employees at their medical cannabis farm in southern California. The show focuses on how they grow marijuana for dispensaries, inside Growing Belushi reveals some interesting facts about growing weed that are not common knowledge among growers. Viewers were given direct access to the products. The cannabis products benefitted the patients in need.

What can we expect from Growing Belushi season 2?

We are expecting Growing Belushi season two to be just as successful as Growing Belushi’s first season. Jim brings his own unique perspective and charisma that will draw in viewers once again. Growing Belushi is a fun, fresh, and informative show about cannabis cultivation. The show gives audiences a taste of the culture surrounding marijuana farming. It provides educational content which makes it popular among both casual watchers and experienced growers alike!

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Who is Jim Belushi?

Jim Belushi Plans to Sell Cannabis in his Home State of Illinois -  Mugglehead Magazine

Jim Belushi is an American actor and comedian known for his role as James “Jimmy” Kelly in the sitcom According to Jim (2001–2009),. He has acted in television roles. Jim Belushi is multi-talented because he is an actor, dancer, singer, and legal cannabis farmer.

How Popular is the series?

Growing Belushi is currently one of the most popular shows on Discovery Network. The series Growing Belushi, which aired on August 19, 2020, was loved by many fans who are eagerly awaiting season two’s release date! The popularity of Growing Belushi makes it worth watching because if people like it they will come back to watch season two when it comes out in 2021!

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Is the show worth watching?

Yes, Growing Belushi is worth watching because it captures the audience’s interest, making them want to stay tuned in for more! The series is very informative because Jim Belushi uses his experience to teach others how to grow cannabis. The series Growing Belushi is an informational show that has become very popular because it captures the attention of many viewers!


Why do I recommend watching the series?

I recommend watching Growing Belushi because it is an informational show that educates the viewers on a variety of topics! Growing Belushi also gives interesting facts about cannabis and shows Jim Belushi’s journey to becoming a legal cannabis farmer.

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